Buyer Testimonials

Mary Ann was a terrific agent for us.  As first time homebuyers, we needed a bit more  handholding, and she was patient, calm, reassuring and attentive.  Not only did she do a terrific job on all the things you expect -- reviewing inspection reports, giving us a sense of comps/offer price/negotiations, sharing her deep knowledge of the various Peninsula neighborhoods -- she went above and beyond in dealing with a seller's agent who was not familiar with the Bay Area market.  She took the reins in getting required reports, the sewer lateral clearance, and even an arborist when it looked like the seller was going to get delayed.  And even after close, she was super helpful in giving us contacts for plumbers, HVAC, gardeners, roofers, etc. so that we could fix things that needed fixing right away, as well as architect/designer rec's for renovation. I could not have wished for a better guide in the home buying process!

Nan A. -Millbrae, CA

Mary Ann just helped my wife and I purchase our new home, and is in the process of helping us sell our existing home.  She's an outstanding agent and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.  Here's what we loved about her:

She's a great negotiator - we found a great house, and she guided us in making an offer that we thought was a good deal for us that would also be taken seriously by the seller.  We were very pleased with the final purchase price (appraised value actually came in a bit higher). She's responsive and makes time -- she responds very quickly to texts, emails and phone calls.  Very easy to reach.  Always returned calls if I had to leave a message.  Very easy to schedule meetings with her.  She's pretty active, but I always felt like we were a priority and that she had time for us. She's patient and considerate -- She was proactive about giving us info about the various steps in the process.  I'm also the kind of person that reads all the fine print and has a million questions, and she always took the time to patiently answer all my questions and explain everything until I was satisfied.

She provided a lot of additional help -- Since we are both buying and selling, we preferred not to move twice.  Mary Ann helped us find a good loan product that met our needs.  She also connected us to movers.  And for the sale of our current home, she's in the process of setting up contractors for minor repairs and cleaning, as well as stagers.  My wife and I are both really stretched for time, so all of the extra help she was able to provide added a ton of value.  I also did a fair bit of reference checking on her before deciding to work with her.  I spoke with references she gave me as well as references I asked for based on her listing history, and everyone I spoke to also gave her a glowing review.

Jason K. - Moraga, CA

During our first meeting, when Mary Ann said she would be able to find us a home in 3 months or less, I was a little incredulous. My husband and I had already been searching for 3 weeks, had seen no less than 15 properties, and were nowhere near finding the right one. But sure enough, we signed on with her mid-February and closed on an amazing home by the first week of April (a day before my husband's birthday)!

The process could not have gone more smoothly. Mary Ann is an amazing listener, intuitive, mindful of each buyer's preferences, a great communicator, very knowledgeable from her years of experience, extremely well-connected (she was able to leverage her network to show us our home before it went on the market), professional, and TIRELESS. She was more responsive and flexible than most people I've ever worked with, even when I was sending her messages early in the morning and late at night. Even now, she continues to be a great resource for everything from movers to contractors.

My husband and I were actively involved from search to close, but I doubt we would have been as successful without Mary Ann quarterbacking - asking smart questions, raising important issues, keeping us focused - throughout the process. I can't speak more highly of her, and would recommend her to anyone searching for or looking to sell their home.

Beverly P. - San Mateo

Since we found Mary Ann by reading these Yelp reviews, I feel a responsibility to post about her wonderful support as our buyer's agent.

After experiencing a true seller's agent nightmare selling our house on the east coast, my husband and I were incredibly cautious when seeking out a buyer's agent. The Bay Area market is really wacky and we interviewed about four people before coming across Mary Ann. We knew we didn't need to look any further.

From the get go, she was open to all our feedback, worked furiously on our behalf, drove us up and down the Peninsula – sparing us the crush of open houses by getting private showings, accompanied us to City Hall to look at permits that had been pulled, exhaustively researched everything, AND, when we had to fly back east for a family emergency the morning before presenting an offer, called me back at 6 AM that morning to say "don't worry, we will get it done.” Could there be any more comforting words?!!

Turns out we *did* get it done! We only had to make one offer – our dream house! It was a little stressful, though, considering the multiple–offer situation, but Mary Ann's guidance through the bidding situation was flawless. She saved is $5000 at the end when they came back for more and helped us seal the deal by strongly recommending that we wrote a personalized letter to the sellers. Magic! Mary Ann's support did not end after the sale went through –– she has been incredibly thoughtful and helpful recommending excellent workmen & resources.

Thank you so much!!

Lisa H. - San Bruno, CA

"I'll let our timeline with Mary Ann speak for itself:

- 1st meeting with Mary Ann at her office in Burlingame: 12/12
- Purchase offer presented: 12/22
- Keys in hand for our new home: 1/22

In a ridiculously favorable market for sellers, the speed with which Mary Ann found our family a home and had keys in our hand is almost unbelievable. She is a true expert on the Peninsula real estate market, and her style of being extremely informative but never pushing an agenda was really nice to work with.

Beyond the house hunt, the offer, and the escrow process, Mary Ann went above and beyond in other ways. She helped us immensely by recommending potential contractors and architects for some initial upgrades needed on our home before moving in. Not only that, but she never hesitated to meet with me and potential contractors at the property throughout escrow and before I had keys.

With our family expected to grow again in early June, the speed and professionalism with which Mary Ann guided us through the process of buying a home is so appreciated. A+++"

Andrew A. – San Mateo, CA

"We just used Mary Ann a second time and again, were completely satisfied with her excellent service.

If you are still deciding upon a real estate agent, here are a few more points that we liked about her service:

We especially like her mastery of the local area. She can give you all kinds of relevant details and interesting facts. Mary Ann also did a major renovation project at her own house, which has given her first-hand knowledge of the renovation process - which was especially helpful for us.

She is attentive and really takes the time to learn about our preferences. After every subsequent house that she showed us, we could see the gears in her head spinning as she listened to what we liked and didn't like about each.

Her strategy for helping us bid on a house is excellent. She goes above and beyond, and represents us very well. Every time we've made a bid, we felt confident that Mary Ann was helping us put our best foot forward.

We highly recommend Mary Ann, especially if you are looking for that perfect house in the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula region."

Mike L. – San Mateo, CA

"Mary Ann is amazing; we cannot imagine someone more qualified for her role. She was *instrumental* in all phases of our home-buying adventure, from the early stages of figuring out what we were looking for, to identifying candidate properties, to negotiating the contract, and even helping us to negotiate the renovations process. We are forever in her debt!

Here's why Mary Ann is so special:

* Generous with her time: Unlike other agents we tried, Mary Ann always took her time with us. We spent an hour with her during our initial meeting getting to know each other; this was incredibly valuable in helping her to understand our goals, and us to understand how she operates. After we bought the house (and Mary Ann's official role was finished), Mary Ann helped us to answer questions about house renovations; she even volunteered to meet us at the house to discuss options while it was under construction!
* Patient: Hand in hand with the above - Mary Ann was *always* willing to listen to our dumb questions (first time home-buyers) and direct us, gently, toward the answer. We never felt rushed when we were talking to her.
* Well-connected: Mary Ann worked her back-connections to find a house that was about to go on the market, and successfully negotiated with the selling agent to let us see it *before* it even went on the market. This was an incredible advantage, since it let us bid for the house without facing the threat of competing offers.
* Savvy at negotiation: Let's just say that even until the last minute, the deal for our home could have fallen through. We are convinced that it never would have happened without her negotiation skills.
* Organized: Mary Ann always knew what was going on, and made sure that we took the right actions at the right times to keep the ball rolling.
* Perceptive: Mary Ann had the wonderful ability to see past the staging of a house (or the lack thereof), and to see each house's potential and pitfalls. She pointed out qualities of a house that we hadn't thought to look for (like the benefit of new windows or potentially expensive problems in a bathroom), and even began to teach us how to see these things ourselves.

If you are looking for help buying a home in San Mateo County, we strongly recommend working with Mary Ann."

David A. – Millbrae, CA

"We were weeks away from our lease expiring, and had the fortune to be referred to Mary Ann
by friends of ours. We were probably not the easiest of clients - hadn't decided on a community, hadn't decided on new versus old, everything completed or a fixer-upper. Mary Ann took our often conflicting ideas with grace and professionalism. We located a house in Belmont that met our needs ideally, she worked tirelessly to ensure our offer was the right one.
She gave invaluable advice on tactics, working with the seller and seller's agent to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. I can't recommend her highly enough - if you're after
a realtor who knows the area, has superb contacts in the Title and mortgage industry, and who ultimately gets things done - Mary Ann is for you!"

Ian C. – Belmont, CA

Btestimonials1“My wife and I just received the keys to our ideal home in the exact neighborhood that we wanted on the Peninsula. I can say, without a doubt, that without the help of Mary Ann as our agent, we would not have received this home.

As you might know, the current market is very hot. It is a rising market. There is a limited supply of homes and a much larger amount of buyers.  Each home is receiving multiple offers over asking price. You literally have to go out and compete with everyone else to win your home. This is where Mary Ann shines. She's in your corner. She's on your team. She does everything that is possible as an agent to put you in a position to succeed. She's simply the edge that you need.

For example, we were very specific in what we wanted. We had been looking for months and, finally, we saw our ideal house pop up onto the market. There had been nothing else that fit our criteria (and nothing else since) and we had to get it. They were expecting multiple offers and there was a 100% chance the house was going into contract in less than 10 days.

With the help of Mary Ann, we tailored an offer and a plan to get this house. The final piece of the puzzle was the offer price. At the last moment, against the advice of Mary Ann, I decided to dial down the price that we were going to offer. On the day the offers were due, we were told that we weren't the highest. My heart sank. I was shocked. I knew in that instant that I would have definitely offered more. However, all was not lost. Because of Mary Ann's reputation and the way she presented our offer, the listing agent and owners decided that, out of all the offers, they would give us the opportunity to accept a counter-offer and, of course, we happily accepted.

So, in retrospect, Mary Ann had the right advice in the beginning. After I didn't heed that advice, she still got us the house! So, I can say, unequivocally, that without her help, we would still be looking, and in this rising market, we could possibly be priced out of where we ultimately bought our home. She made all the difference and we are very very thankful.

In addition, there are no tradeoffs. She also possesses every other quality you want in an agent. She is professional and personable. She listens and hears you. She is precise and prompt and always responsive. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and connections throughout the industry. In short, she knows exactly what she is doing and, as your agent, she is puts you in the best position to succeed and that is exactly what you want.”

Davidson T. – Millbrae, CA


Btestimonials3"Even though I’m already unpacked and settled, my appreciation and gratitude for Mary Ann Teixeira’s excellent guidance in finding my home continues. I hadn’t bought a house since the early 1970’s and felt overwhelmed by the deadlines and all that needed to be done. She calmly guided me through the interminable forms needing to be read and signed and patiently clarified any all confusion I had with terms or statements. She was always available to answer any questions I had, even when I’d forgotten that I’d already asked them several times.

During the many months of looking, I welcomed her current listings of possibilities. With her knowledge of all areas, it was a great comfort to have her input in deciding which ones might be a good fit for me. When I got discouraged about finding a place I liked or one that I could afford, she understood my fears and doubts and confidently reminded me, “There is a home out there for you Mary…we’ll find it.”

Mary Ann was considerate, supportive and very patient throughout the whole process of finding my home. She helped me to complete all that needed to be done so that when the time came for me to submit my bid, I would be totally prepared and ready to act without delay. When I found the home I really wanted and that was also in a perfect location for me, it was amazing to watch her in action. She was well prepared in all areas of the transaction and everything fell smoothly into place. There were 12 bids on the home I wanted, so I really didn’t think I had a chance at all. But, thanks to Mary Ann’s decisiveness, expertise and skillful communication with the sellers and their agent, my bid was accepted. I was stunned and overjoyed when she called me with the news! Yes, there was a home for me and Mary Ann made sure that I got it.

Her thoughtfulness doesn’t end with the closure of the sale. I feel free to call her and know that I can count on her for advice or to share with me names of people she trusts to help with any problems that may come up. Thanks to her, my dream of owning a home is now a reality. Whether you’re selling or buying, I highly recommend Mary Ann Teixiera. She is the best!"

Mary R. – Redwood City, CA


“Mary Ann Teixeira helped me and my husband purchase our first home together. We met Mary Ann at an open house she was hosting on the day we got engaged! Our story is somewhat complicated but that did not phase Mary Ann. She helped us to stay focused by communicating the home buying process to us every step of the way. She took us on a tour of Burilingame and explained the layout of the town. She put us in touch with the right financial people to make our home buying process easy.

Originally, our focus was primarily in the Burlingame, San Mateo and San Carlos areas. As it turned out, our needs changed and we ended up buying a home in Los Gatos! Mary Ann was with us every step of the way. Her professionalism, expertise and excellent communication style equated to a smooth home buying experience for us.

May Ann really went the extra mile to help us through this process. We were not the easiest clients to find a house for as we had many factors to consider: schedules to coordinate, an upcoming wedding, work locations as far north as San Rafael and as far south as Los Gatos, a suddenly growing family, schools, commute times and to top it all off, a depleting timeline in which to find a home. Considering all of that, Mary Ann never gave up on us.

Mary Ann really listens, asks questions and clarifies when needed. She is direct and easy to work with. We felt confident that we would find a house even in this crazy real estate market, and we did! Mary Ann is aggressive when she needs to be which is what you want in a realtor.

We recommend Mary Ann Teixeira to anyone buying a house. She is wonderful to work with, so patient, kind, a really visionary when it comes to visualizing how a house's layout can be changed, connected to the right people and gets the job done. You will feel confident with Mary Ann as your realtor.”

Lisa P. San Jose, CA


Btestimonials5"Mary Ann helped us purchase our first home in March 2014 and it was a very good experience for us. Reasons we highly recommend Mary Ann:

(1) She cares. Mary Ann really took the time to get to know us and understand our needs, wants, likes and dislikes. This allowed her to be spot-on with the houses and neighborhoods she showed us and the guidance she provide. It also helped to have a third party to help us get clear on expectations and trade-offs so that my wife and I could get clear on what we really wanted. She was like our real-estate therapist!

(2) She will give you a great education. After our first meeting, Mary Ann took us on a very thorough tour of the neighborhoods we were interested in as well as a few new ones we hadn't considered. On the tour she provided detailed maps of each neighborhood, as well as packets of recent comps (and even treats!). During our tour she gave us a lot of insight that you wouldn't pick up by just driving around and seeing houses. Subsequently, when she took us out to look at homes, she had a keen eye for possible watch-outs, opportunities, and issues with the homes we looked at. We wouldn't not have spotted half of these things on our own.

(3) She has a great network. Mary Ann connected us with a terrific mortgage broker at Wells Fargo, Holly Brand. Holly made the loan process unbelievably easy and we got a significantly lower rate than any of the other place we had shopped prior to this.  Mary Ann also put us in touch with a couple of good inspectors and contractors.

(4) She is a pro and that makes a difference when you make an offer. Mary Ann helped us lock down our home on our first offer, at a price we were comfortable with, in a competitive offer situation. Once the offer was made, she stayed on top of the process constantly making sure we were on track and keeping us, our mortgage broker and the rest of the team aligned the whole way through. Ours was a probate sale, and Mary Ann even went to the court hearing on our behalf to make sure things went smoothly on that day.

I could go on and on but I'll stop here by just saying that we would highly recommend Mary Ann to anyone looking to buy on the Peninsula especially if it is your first time out (but even if it is not). You won't regret it."

Daniel A. – Burlingame, CA


“We found Mary Ann through a "sold" sign in our neighborhood and decided to reach out based on her Yelp reviews. She is incredibly professional, dedicated and hardworking. Although we ultimately decided not to buy for now in the Peninsula, we have plans of hitting her up again in a couple of years when we are ready to do so. Highly recommended!”

Sumaiya T. San Mateo, CA


"After interviewing several buyer's agents, Mary Ann was my clear choice. I needed someone who could listen well, knew the market in detail, and give me confidence as a first-time buyer. Mary Ann did all this, and much more. She was able to interpret my wishlist and vague feelings about neighborhoods and "cute" houses into real-world examples -- and her intuition paid off, as we were able to hone in on exactly what worked for me in a short time. I wasn't even in a great hurry, but I put a bid on a home less than three weeks after starting to work with Mary Ann, and I love my new home! She was crucial to winning the bid, in my opinion, because not only did she guide me with comps and considerations from her years of experience, but she presented to the sellers directly. I'm sure her grace, professionalism and quick-thinking helped immensely in winning them over (apparently mine was not the highest bid among the five presented on the single bidding day).

Mary Ann was very easy to work with, consistently demonstrating warmth, flexibility, and good communication. Her follow-up has been excellent, too. I highly recommend Mary Ann to any buyer, and based on her industry knowledge and intelligence, any seller in the area, too."

Risha B. – Palo Alto, CA


Btestimonials6"Mary Ann just helped my husband and I buy our first house in a great neighborhood in San Mateo. We met her at an open house almost a year ago (we were just looking at house for fun at the time) and we couldn't have been more lucky to meet her. Months later when we were ready to start seriously looking, Mary Ann took the time to go through every detail of the process with us slowly and answered all of our questions (there were hundreds) without ever rushing us. We found a great house early in the search, but we never thought we would get it. Mary Ann's expertise helped us craft an offer that was accepted quickly! We actually offered less than we thought we were going to have to offer because Mary Ann was really looking out for us, her client. We will definitely use Mary Ann again and you will not be disappointed if you call her now and get her on your team!"

J. N. – San Mateo, CA


“A million thank yous!!! What a great Christmas gift. I never in a million years thought we'd get a house in that neighborhood under asking this soon. It's really a miracle. I'm excited and nervous. We'll invite you to the first day of demo and let you have a whack at the fireplace. Merry Christmas. You are an all-star.”

Andrew and Jennifer A. – San Mateo, CA


"Mary Ann,

Thank you so much for the wonderful letter. But more importantly thank you for everything that you have done for me over the last few months. I think I’m still in shock. I just can’t believe that I finally have a house. I couldn't have done it without you. You have been absolutely amazing. Don't know how I can ever thank you. You did a kick ass job!!!!

Thank you so much,”

K. G. – San Mateo, CA


"Since we found Mary Ann by reading these Yelp reviews, I feel a responsibility to post about her wonderful support as our buyer's agent.

After experiencing a true seller's agent nightmare selling our house on the east coast, my husband and I were incredibly cautious when seeking out a buyer's agent. The Bay Area market is really wacky and we interviewed about four people before coming across Mary Ann. We knew we didn't need to look any further.

From the get go, she was open to all our feedback, worked furiously on our behalf, drove us up and down the Peninsula – sparing us the crush of open houses by getting private showings, accompanied us to City Hall to look at permits that had been pulled, exhaustively researched everything, AND, when we had to fly back east for a family emergency the morning before presenting an offer, called me back at 6 AM that morning to say "don't worry, we will get it done.” Could there be any more comforting words?!!

Turns out we *did* get it done! We only had to make one offer – our dream house! It was a little stressful, though, considering the multiple–offer situation, but Mary Ann's guidance through the bidding situation was flawless. She saved is $5000 at the end when they came back for more and helped us seal the deal by strongly recommending that we wrote a personalized letter to the sellers. Magic!

Mary Ann's support did not end after the sale went through –– she has been incredibly thoughtful and helpful recommending excellent workmen & resources.

Thank you so much!!"

Lisa H. – San Francisco, CA


Btestimonials9"My wife and I met Mary Ann 10 months ago after we were blindly wandering peninsula neighborhoods looking at open houses. Both of us being from out of town, we had no idea where to look or even how to proceed. We walked into an open house and met Mary Ann, who immediately proceeded to sit us down, talk about our interests and then draw out on a map exactly what neighborhoods we should be looking in. It helped focused our search in a great way. She told us, "go get married and call me when things calm down. I have an appointment in my calendar with you two for 5 months from now." Fast forward to fall of 2012 and there we were, scouting neighborhoods and eventually settling in Burlingame.

What we loved about Mary Ann's approach was that she made it a priority to get to know my wife and I -- our interests, likes/dislikes and taste. Our housing search was modeled directly after her hard work in getting to know her customers, and it showed. We rarely wasted time looking at places that she didn't feel suited our needs. Mary Ann was patient and aggressive at all the right times, and really walked us through the steps of being first time home buyers. It can be daunting, but not with Mary Ann. She knows the market like the back of her hand and was a huge asset throughout the process. Thanks to Mary Ann's help, we're settled in a new house that is absolutely perfect for us!"

Greg J. Saratoga, CA


“Mary Ann - It was great to meet you yesterday! Eileen and I are both delighted to be working with you. Your questions, listening and focus in our interaction, and your straightforward manner were exactly what we were looking for. You made our first step (i.e., choosing our Realtor) an easy one- we're sure we've found the cream of the crop!”

R. W. – Portland, OR


"My husband and I were looking to buy our first home in the San Mateo and Burlingame area and we could not have asked for a better realtor. Mary Ann was very knowledgeable of the area and even gave us "homework" to explore different neighborhoods so we could get a feel for them. We ended up finding the perfect place in Burlingame. Thanks to Mary Ann we were able to close quickly and get a great price on our place. Mary Ann was very patient and thorough in explaining all parts of the home buying process and really had our best interest in mind.  Mary Ann was also helpful in recommending brokers, contractor and anything else you can think of associated with the move in process."

Katie M. San Francisco, CA


Btestimonials2"Stop looking right now and call Mary Ann!  You won't find a better agent.  She exceeded our expectations in every way!  She not only assisted us with every detail of our search and purchase, but continues to take care of us post-closing.  Going above and beyond helping us find and purchase our house, and has also been instrumental in helping us get settled with everything from tradesmen for the house, a vet for the dog, to good places to eat!
She is extremely patient and thorough during every phase of the purchase process. She did not let one item fall through the cracks and was steadfast in her dedication to not only finding us a house, but making sure it was the right house, and for a fair price.

We recently relocated to the SF Bay area from the East coast.  We had no idea where we wanted to live and it was obvious immediately the real estate market on the peninsula is a unique and competitive market.    We were on a tight timeline to purchase so we could get our kids into school.  With her thorough area tour (which is based on your personal preferences and budget), Mary Ann helped us quickly focus on where we wanted to be.  After that we were laser focused on available properties and were under contract within 14 days!

We found Mary Ann on Yelp and contacted her based on other positive reviews.  I am so grateful for those reviews helping us find Mary Ann.  Thank you Mary Ann and thank you Yelp community!"

Cyndy L.– Burlingame, CA


“Mary Ann helped us buy a home in Burlingame in record time. From the moment I first spoke to her on the phone I knew she would be a great realtor to work with. She is very professional, not pushy, and really takes the time to get to know her clients to ensure that communication is smooth. We were moving to the Peninsula from the city and really needed someone who understood the local market and would help us navigate a challenging market environment for buyers. Mary Ann not only knows the area extremely well, but she also knows many of the agents and leverages her relationships to help make the transaction goes smoothly.

We ended up making an offer on a house only a few weeks after meeting Mary Ann and closing about a month later. It was not always a smooth transaction as our loan process took longer than we originally anticipated, but Mary Ann managed everything extremely well and we ended up living in an awesome house in a neighborhood we love.”

Lili S. – Burlingame, CA


“My wife and I are first-time home buyers. We were looking around on our own via RedFin and Trulia for almost a year, and would attend open houses here and there. Unfortunately, we both are very busy and didn't always have our weekends free.

During one open house, we ran into Mary Ann, who was the selling agent. We had just decided on getting an agent because of our busy schedules. She was very patient with us and took the time to point out pros & cons of the house, which we really appreciated. So we took her on as our agent.

Our experience was very positive. We can be picky about our choices. She was very patient with us. She even taught us about various neighborhoods we weren't familiar with, and always explained the pros & cons of every neighborhood, property, feature, etc. We especially appreciated the time she took to understand our idiosyncrasies and preferences, so that she could weed out places before we wasted our time on them.

When it came time to make bids, she worked with us on a viable strategy, including incorporating tips she's heard or seen from colleagues. Her advice, tenacity, adaptability, and professionalism help us get a fantastic house in an increasingly difficult market. We would highly recommend her.”

Mike L. – San Mateo, CA


Btestimonials7“As a first time home buyer, I could not have asked for a better realtor than Mary Ann. She was very patient, as I had to stop and start the search (for personal reasons). She walked me through all of the options and helped me determine exactly what was right for my family while taking the time to understand our needs and wishes. We moved from the city to the peninsula and she took the time to show us around different neighborhoods and walked us through the pros and cons of each.

She is one of the most proactive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, which is very important in this housing market. She is prompt and courteous and always did her best to make her schedule accommodate ours.

She treated my son as an integral part of the family whose opinion mattered in the home buying process.

When one of our first choices wasn't available, she kept out spirits high and gave us sage advice; the right one would come. And it did. We have the perfect house now in the perfect location.

During the actual offer and closing process, Mary Ann was very helpful in communicating in layman's terms what we needed to know. I felt like had a trusted adviser by my side, who understood the value of long-term clients, and was not just focused on an immediate sale. Her recommendations for appraisers and other people to work with were always quality. I would work with all of them again as well.

Post-closing, Mary Ann has been amazing. She continues to check-in to see how we are settling in. She is genuine and warm and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Shannon L. – Burlingame, CA


“Mary Ann is wonderful. She recently helped us buy our first place - a townhouse in Burlingame. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind.

We were having trouble finding a place on the market that met our needs. Mary Ann went back through past listings and found us a place that wasn't even on the market. It was exactly what we were looking for, and we were able to negotiate with the seller off-market. In addition to finding us a great place, Mary Ann also helped us find various contractors to help with some of the minor renovations we wanted to do.

I would highly recommend Mary Ann to anyone looking for a home in the Peninsula area. She listens to her clients and will work tirelessly to find you the right place at the right price.”

Chris and Hayley B. – Burlingame, CA


"We recently bought a new home, which was possible in great part thanks to Mary Ann's assistance.   We have been in the home-buying process for a while, including the emotional roller-coaster and bumping heads as a couple, until we finally found the place we both agreed on.  Mary Ann was instrumental in making the right offer for the house, in getting us into contract and having the whole process running as smoothly as possible.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated, energetic and professional.  She tells the truth and speaks from her heart.  We felt supported during the entire time, as she was there for us each step of the way.  Mary Ann took great care of us and our needs.

We really appreciate Mary Ann's wisdom and assisting us through this process.  We feel she is an amazing person and professional, and we are very honored to recommend Mary Ann Teixeira."

M. K. – Redwood City, CA


Btestimonials10“Mary Ann helped us buy our first house after many years of renting. We have been searching for 2-3 years, first with other agents and then with Mary Ann, so we also had some basis for comparison. "Professionalism" and "knowledge" are the first words that come to mind when we think about Mary Ann. There is no question that Mary Ann was head and shoulders above everyone else we encountered in this business!

We are both quite busy, and Mary Ann was priceless in previewing all the houses for us, not being shy about telling us that a house that looks great on the web site is not worth our time to come and see it, and then telling us if she saw a house that we must see immediately. In the latter case, invariably, one of us really liked the house. Her job wasn't made any easier by the fact that we seldom both liked the same house. But she was always very cool about it, never was pushy, and in the end, she helped us find a house that both of us were extremely happy about.

And when we did find that house, Mary Ann was instrumental in getting this house for us. She knew exactly when we had to move fast, she is known and respected in the community, and all those things worked in our favor in a tough bidding situation. All through the closing process, she was very helpful with information and tips and helped make what would have been a very stressful several weeks, rather manageable.

In sum, if you a need a true professional, who knows the area and the local real estate business better than almost anyone, and who is determined to help you, we would not hesitate to recommend Mary Ann.”

Alex N. – San Carlos, CA


"Never having purchased real estate on my own Mary Ann made it easy and seamless. She took the time to learn about what was important to me not only in a piece of property but also in an agent. I consider myself a very organized, detailed, thoughtful individual, yet she was always one step ahead of me. I loved it! As someone who had a lot going on in their life, starting a new job, going out of the country on vacation, I relied on her heavily to do my due diligence. I trust her completely and though I've only know her for a short while, it was very clear though my experience that she always keeps her clients interests in mind (I don't know if I could say that about all agents.)

In addition she tailored her communication style to what worked best for me (text and email) knowing it was very difficult for me to talk during business hours, along with making herself available nights and weekends. I would highly highly recommend Mary Ann to anyone looking to buy or sell property. She is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with."

Kelly L. – San Mateo, CA


“We were referred to Mary Ann for help with Peninsula real estate since we were relocating from Boston. Within 5 weeks, we initiated a search process for properties that were a good match, came out on a house-hunting trip she organized, put an offer on a house and closed. Some of that was luck and a lot of it was just the skill and efficiency of Mary Ann! She was wonderful to work with - we're going to miss talking to her regularly now that it's all done.”

Christine L. – Belmont, CA


Btestimonials4"Coming from out of town and being first time home buyers, we didn't know exactly what we were looking for. When we came to her in April and gave her our general thoughts and our deadline (which was only about a month away!), she provided us with a range of well-selected options and patiently guided us through the process of narrowing them down. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Peninsula Real Estate market and was not afraid to use it!

When it came time to present offers, she had a unique and refreshing negotiation style which was the key to us getting the place that we wanted at exactly the right price. She was always very professional when dealing with sellers and other agents.

Since we have moved in May, she as given us just about every contact we have- from a couple of great gardeners to a carpenter/painter/guy-who-can-do-just-about-­anything-in-home-design. Her contacts are also very professional and do a superb job at an unbeatable price."

Jonathan L. – San Carlos, CA


“Mary Ann transformed a highly stressful, competitive, and confusing process into something we could understand and digest during a very turbulent time in the marketplace. She brought excellent preparation, execution, and follow through to the table in every negotiation scenario. We got EXACTLY what we wanted for our first home purchase.”

Phil M. – San Mateo, CA


“Mary Ann is the BEST. I have been trying to move my parents to Burlingame from SF for 5 years. My parents had a nice house and were settled, resistant to the move and did not like anything that was ever shown to them. Then I found Mary Ann. She was very patient, attentive, listed to what my parents wanted and never pushy.

To my surprise, my parents fell in love with a place after 2 months of looking. They were willing to move, YES!!!

Mary Ann was very professional and proactive. My parents got the place for the price that they wanted (even though there were 2 more offers) and moved in 1 month. Now they live 5 minutes away from me, and all of us very happy. Mary Ann is my Realtor for life.”

Tsipa Z. – Hillsborough, CA


“Mary Ann took the time to familiarize herself with our needs. Yet we were no doubt one of her most challenging clients. Jon and I were from out of town and had a strict timeline we were adhering to in order purchase our first-home. Out of town did not just mean we lived in another city, but Jon and I were in a commuter marriage operating out of Canada and Southern California. The house we dreamed about was to be in the Peninsula. Mary Ann poured her full energy into doing her homework (visiting houses before showing them to us, pulling comps, being extremely knowledgeable about neighborhoods and weeding out homes we did not need to see), so we could find a home in a timely manner. She established a bond and trust from us quite early on in our process.

However, after an intensive search, we were exhausted and had nearly given up hope, but Mary Ann continued to work day and night for us. A few of weeks later, a cute little bungalow went on the market. I made an urgent phone call to Mary Ann from Canada. She was our trusted eyes and ears. She immediately mobilized to see the house and moments later she advised, “Get on the plane. I would not give this one up.” Her attention to detail and ability to hone in our needs and objectives was the reason we were able to nail the exact house we wanted in less than 24 hours after it went on the market. Not only is Mary Ann Teixeira the hardest working realtor there is out there, but also the realtor to trust.”

Jon and Guppy L. – San Carlos, CA


“Mary Ann was a true Godsend in our journey to finding our first house. She was patient, understanding, and most of all, willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with the process She’s also a tremendous negotiator.”

Michael and Nikki D. – Belmont, CA


“Mary Ann – We can’t even begin to thank you enough for all of the hard work you put in to helping us to find a home. We really appreciate all your patience, diligence, honesty, and integrity that you have maintained throughout this whole process.”

A. F. and D. B. – Burlingame, CA


“Mary Ann truly keeps her clients’ best interest first and above all else. She is highly professional yet extremely approachable. Once you meet Mary Ann you just know something good is going to happen. She is an expert in her field and gets results. Mary Ann's integrity and undying commitment has earned my trust and I recommend her highly.”

Keith P. – San Mateo, CA


“We met Mary Ann briefly at an open house during our initial round of house hunting in the spring of 2007. Even though we decided to postpone our hunt soon after that first meeting, Mary Ann kept in constant touch with us over the following months – not only contacting us with listings that matched our criteria but often just to see how we were doing personally.

When we finally decided to get serious about our house hunting this past spring, almost a year later, we happily signed on with Mary Ann. And we have not regretted it.

Throughout the entire process, Mary Ann has worked tirelessly on our behalf. She has made the process of buying our first home as easy as possible. We happily recommend her to anyone.”

A. T. and J. F. – San Mateo, CA


“The first word that comes to mind when I think of Mary Ann is "fabulous". That's why it was so hard to choose just three top attributes for her at LinkedIn's urging. How do you choose between "great results; personable; expert; good value; on time; high integrity; creative" when all of those describe her so well.

When my partner and I first started looking for a condo, we had gone with an agent who was recommended to us. However, after a few months of looking, we decided to put our search on hold for a variety of reasons. During that "hold period" the agent we had chosen never once gave us a call to check up on us. However, Mary Ann, who we had met only once at an open house for one of her Keller Williams (her previous agency) clients, and who kindly started sending us listings even though we were not her clients, called us regularly.

Now, that might be expected, as she is just doing her job. But, in contrast to the guy who was our agent, it stood out. What also stood out was the fact that, in most cases, she didn't asked if we were ready to buy nor whether she could be our agent. Instead, she asked after my job search -- me being unemployed was one of the main reasons we had put our search on hold.

Her concern for us on a more personal level is why, when we restarted our condo search, we went to Mary Ann. And, we were never sorry for that decision. She was and is a great agent... even still keeping in touch with us well after the close.

If you choose Mary Ann, you'll be fully satisfied.”

Jonathan F. – San Mateo, CA