You Won’t ‘Get a Deal’ On the Right House

So you want to buy a house, but only if you can ‘get a deal’? Of course, no one ever wants to pay more than necessary. But the question is, do you want a deal, or do you want a home that you and your family will love and want to live in and enjoy?

It is not that the two are mutually exclusive. It's just that generally a home that is desirable to you will likely be desirable to other buyers. As we know, competition drives price.

Now, it is possible to find a home that is desirable enough to you, but has not received offers from others. Often this indicates a home that has been overpriced.

An overpriced house might suggest that either the seller has unrealistic expectations or is not truly motivated to sell. The only way to understand whether you have an opportunity is to learn more about the seller's situation, and the seller's agent's influence. And of course, writing an offer and presenting it to the seller is the only method of truly understanding  whether a sale is possible.

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