3. Completion of the Renovation; the Dining Room

What a difference it makes to widen an entry!

French Doors From Living RoomThe dining room is lined with paned windows and is adjoined to the living room by double French doors. It is a gorgeous room, and the perfect setting for a dinner party. But the poor thing was divided from the kitchen by a solid swinging door, and never used by us except on those special occasions when we 'had company'.

The Dining Room From the Living RoomWe widened the kitchen entry to four feet and removed the door. Now we have a nice line of sight from the kitchen and the center of the house to the dining room and beyond to the front yard.  We previously had an elegant but impractical chandelier with candles. (Looks romantic, but drips on the dinner guests by the end of the meal, and Jimmy and I would never light all of the candles to use the room in the evening). In fact, we never used the room.

Looking Back Into the Living RoomFour installed and replaced electrified chandeliers later; I think that I might finally have the right one.   We find ourselves eating dinner and lunch in the room now. And on those days when I work from home, I will often spread out with my laptop and files on the large table.

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