Renovating 725: The Hall Bathroom

Today on my renovation blog series, we’ll talk about the hall bathroom in this 1949 San Mateo ranch house. As with all posts in this series, I’ll walk you through each room while explaining the changes we made, and why.

The Challenge

Everything about the hall bathroom’s style revealed its 66-year-old age. The tile and fixtures were in great condition, but the color and style dated it to its 1949 origins. The original bathroom housed both a bath with hand-held shower and a separate, tiled-in shower stall. The entrance to the shower stall had been walled off, and the shower entrance opened to the adjacent bedroom’s bathroom. Here's what it looked like originally:

Pink Bathroom Before 1  Pink Bathroom Before 2

Our Solution

The bathroom was nicely sized for its age, well laid out, and centrally located in the home. There was natural light from a window, and the tile, bath and sink were pristine. One of the most economical solutions to outdated or discolored tile and porcelain fixtures is re-glazing. We refreshed the bathroom with white glazing to the floor, the tub, and the sink. This helped to neutralize the overwhelming pink in the room, and made everything more appealing and clean. Playing off the grey-pink theme, we toned the walls grey. We also replaced the dated wall scones flanking the medicine cabinets, and camouflaged the abandoned shower stall with glass display shelves. Here's what it looked like when we were finished:

Pink Bathroom After 1

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