Renovating 725: The Den

Today on my renovation blog series, we'll take a look at the small room next to the entry that can function as a den or an office. As with all posts in this series, I’m going to show you the before and after photos of each room in this 1949 San Mateo ranch house, while explaining the changes we made, and why.

The Challenge

The office had the potential to be a cozy room for reading, watching television, or working at home. However, the teak walls and the cloth wall covering felt dated. Here's what it looked like originally:

Office Before

There had once been a large tube television situated in a cabinet, and we needed to fill that space, yet suggest where a flat screen could be placed. Also the elaborately framed mirror and brass-toned light fixture didn’t fit with the more modern feel of the remainder of the house. Lastly, the room featured two doorways on opposite sides, making it difficult to place furniture.

Our Solution

We wanted to keep the cozy feeling, so the mahogany paneling and louvered doors remained, but we removed the wall covering and painted. The light fixture and worn carpet were replaced. We added shelving to the television cabinet and staged it as a bookshelf. The stager hung a mock-flat screen over the mantle to suggest where a television could be hung in the room. We chose small-scaled and light furniture, with the desk placed at an angle. The result was a cozy, bright and functional room:


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