Renovating 725: The Kitchen

Welcome back to my renovation blog series. I’m going to show you the before and after photos of each room in this 1949 San Mateo ranch house, while explaining the changes we made, and why. Today's room is the kitchen.

The Challenge

The home was built in 1949, and the kitchen hadn't been updated since the late 1980’s. It was large enough for an eat-in area for table and chairs, and had a skylight flooding it with natural light. The cabinets were oak with brass hardware, and the counters were a grey-toned composite. The floor was covered with rolled vinyl. All of the appliances were stainless except for the refrigerator. Its large size and white color made it too much a focal point of the room.

Here's what the kitchen looked like before we made the changes:

Kitchen Before 1    Kitchen Before 2

Our Solution

The cabinets were painted inside and out with a neutral, grey tone. All of the hardware was replaced with a brushed stainless finish. We replaced the floor with an updated ceramic tile that played off of the tone of the counters. The white refrigerator was replaced with stainless that made it blend with the other elements in the room. We also removed the window covers to allow more natural light in and update the design.

The result was marvelous! The kitchen felt more current, and everything in the room was neutralized to feature its size and natural light. Here's what it looks like now:



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