Renovating 725: The Entry

Welcome to the first installment of my renovation blog series! As you may remember from my introduction, I'm going to tell you how we updated a 1949 San Mateo ranch house for the modern market. I'm going to show you the before and after photos of each room, while explaining the changes we made, and why.

Today's room is the entry. It's a very small part of the house, but it's crucial for making a good first impression. Why? Quite simply, it's the first thing people see when they step inside the home.

The Challenge

Like much of the house, the formal entry was dated and dark, and ultimately not as welcoming as it could be. Here's what it looked like originally:

Entry Before

Our Solution

The entry may not have been perfect, but here is the good news: it only needed minor improvements. We knew that the wood floor, and the wall of windows opening onto the garden beyond, would ultimately help us sell this house. We didn’t want to spend money updating the entrance by replacing the parquet floor. So instead, we sanded and lightened it, and buffed the living room floor. The vertical blinds in the living room were removed, the grass cloth on the living room walls was removed, and the spayed acoustic ceiling finish was removed. Here's what the entry looked like when we were done:

Entry After

The result was a cleaner, lighter look. We also placed an artificial plant directly in front of the line of vision, which redirects the eye to the garden.

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