1 – Communication

My clients tell me that my continual communication with them is what sets me apart from other agents. My philosophy is “that’s my job.”

When I meet with a client for the first time, I outline all the steps involved in our process of working together.If I’m working with a Seller, I will block out time on my calendar for the entire process, from our first day of working together to the day we go live with the listing. I manage all aspects, and you will hear from me daily about its progress. Once we are on the market, I continually report feedback and level of interest.

If I’m working with a Buyer, I act as a guide and an expert resource. Without local knowledge, the buying process can be daunting. My job is to keep you ahead of the game, so you always understand what is happening and why things are happening. I always encourage questions from my clients. I have learned that this is the best way to assure understanding and trust.

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