Peninsula Communities

I will say, of the peninsula in general, one of the compelling reasons that people live here is because of its easy accessibility to San Francisco. The temperate weather and the clusters of small towns with vibrant "main street USA" charm abound.  

Additionally, the population is diverse, is generally well-educated, family-oriented, and strongly involved with their local communities. Given that we are located between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we have a varied economic structure; academia, high-tech, bio-tech, and business channels associated with our location near San Francisco International Airport, just to highlight a few benefits!

I find that most of my clients who move here do so because they find the peninsula friendly, convenient and "not too far from The City".

One can easily meet friends in San Francisco, just 30 minutes away, or walk on a beautiful beach, 30 minutes in another direction, all without having to cross a bridge or worry about where to park their car.

The Peninsula towns are linked to San Francisco, San Jose and to each other with North/South  access via two major freeway arteries,Interstate 280 and U.S. Route 101 and the commuter train Caltrain

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