Our Home Renovation: Final Inspection, Clean Dishes

The City Inspector came out today and signed off on the final inspection! Cause for celebration!

More cause for celebration: please remember that we began this project with a 1927 bungalow that was somewhat updated in the 70’s. The kitchen counters were 20” deep. All major appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher) are all 24” deep.

The last time I had daily access to a dishwasher was 16 years ago. Washing dishes has always been no big deal for me; it's just another meal chore. Going without a dishwasher was never really an issue, except for those occasions when we hosted parties, especially dinner parties. The result was either incredibly helpful guests who soon regretted their decision, or an agreement from all to wait for tomorrow to deal with it.

All of that aside, this is what I have learned: dishwasher-washed dishes are so much shinier! I can't believe how much more beautiful our wedding glasses, ceramics and stainless steel items look when they're sparkly.

I recently heard about a study that was made about the development of allergies in our American population. It stated that in families with dish-washed dishes, children were more likely to have asthma. The concept is that the human body’s natural immune system is more keenly developed in response to less-than sterilized dishes used daily by a family.

So, does this explain why Jimmy and I are generally healthy and strong? Further, should we expect a decline in susceptibility to the common cold? Sore throats? The Flu? Hmm…..

Nevertheless, look how cool our glasses look!

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