Our Home Renovation: The Kitchen

Our overall goal with our remodel is to add modern conveniences while preserving our home’s original 1920s character. This goal is especially relevant for our kitchen, which has lots of old-timey features that we love. We’re keeping our original root cellar and milk drop, and we’re moving our classic ironing board, which folds out from the wall, to a more convenient location. We’re all keeping the home’s original silver features. We like these so much that we’re designed our kitchen’s new features to match them.

Most of the changes we’re making will make the kitchen space feel bigger. We’re getting rid of the vent over the oven, which is leftover form the original wood stove. We’re enlarging the opening between the dining room and the kitchen. We’re expanding our existing countertops and replacing them with marble. We currently have two windows over the sink, so we’re replacing them with one large window for more light and keeping the original style.

The other changes we’re making will add modern conveniences to our kitchen space. We’re adding a dishwasher and bringing our fridge inside. We’re adding a wine fridge and a steam oven. We’re also adding more storage by replicating and expanding our existing kitchen cabinets. In fact, our new cabinets just arrived this morning. Hooray!

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