Our Home Renovation: Half Bath, More Decisions

The half bath has been the most difficult aspect of this project. It is small, so all the components have to work together well.

I have found it difficult to imagine the end product with no existing components. So, I can’t decide what the mirror should look like without having the sink in place. And...

I can’t determine the faucet without the mirror.

I can’t determine the light fixture without knowing the mirror and faucet.

I can’t determine whether there should be wainscoting (like our original large bathroom), until all the above are installed.


Unfortunately, the sink will not be installed until the floors have been installed, and so it goes. Each component will be installed in its own time. Additionally, to add to the puzzle, some of the components are backordered or have long lead times.

I am a big fan of researching and purchasing online. My husband feels that you should be able to drive to the store, purchase it, and that’s it. Today, while he was at work, I delved into it and ordered one faucet set, two light fixtures, four mirrors, and researched shelving, and storage.

Here are the links:

Old-Timey Faucet
White Curvy Mirror
Stylized Venetian Mirror
Elegant Venetian Mirror
Lacquer Curvy Mirror
Light Fixture
Light Fixture with Shades

What do you think?

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