Our Home Renovation: Day 2

By the end of day 2, or "demolition day", we learned that despite our many hours of prep work, we weren't prepared at all! Here's why: we had thought (hoped) that the house would roll out in stages. Apparently not! The deconstructionists wanted to take down the walls for the bath, the French doors and the bedroom. So, everything in our office (now acting as the kitchen and dining room), has to be relocated to the living room. Our wine storage area (a secret access door in the basement to the crawl space) has to be relocated to the garage. Oh, yes, and it looks like living room will also be our bedroom. I'm essentially living in my living room!

Here are photos from the actual demolition process...

There goes the kitchen sink!

There goes the kitchen sink!

This is that ugly hood that was over our stove:

This is that ugly hood over our stove

And there goes the mud porch:

Mudporch wall, note the knob and tube wiring

As you can see, this is NOT delicate work. All of the small boards on the floor are lathe from my plaster walls:

This is not delicate work. All of the small boards on floor are lathe from my plaster walls.

Here's what the house looks like now, a mere 8 hours later. This is where my stove was:

2_Day 1 8HR LATER This Is Where My Stove Was

Another picture of the kitchen, toward the dining room:

2_Day 1 8HR LATER Another Pic of Kitchen Towards Dining Room

This is where the mud porch quarter toilet used to be:

2_Day 1 8HR LATER The Mud Porch Toilet (1)

My mud porch, taken from the side entry:

2_Day 1 8HR LATER Mud Porch From Side Entry

This is where my kitchen window and sink were located:

2_Day 1 8HR LATER is Is Where my Windows and Sink Were Located

It's not all bad, however. During the deconstruction, I learned some amazing things about our old house. Here's what we found:

- Some 2 x 4's stenciled with “SAN MATEO MILL, SAN MATEO"

- 2 areas of framing signed with a signature

- Yards and yards of knob and tubing. And a fuse box.

- Not a dry rotted board anywhere (yet).

- One of the first layers of kitchen paint was a deep, earthy Dijon yellow. I love it and am keeping a chunk of that plaster.

And just think, that was just the first day!

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