Our Home Renovation: Backsplash, Fireclay Tiles

I am not certain how I am going to make the counters and the cabinets blend in color. I love the warmth of the cabinets, and I like the crisp timelessness of the marble, but I just don't like them together. It's important for the backsplash to unify them in some way. Jimmy wants Carrera subway tile for backsplash. I think that might be too cold. I think we should look for a white subway tile to blend the two. By the way, simple and clean lines are a throwback to 1926. I would love to delve into something designer, more edgy. But, I've got a traditional husband (with strong opinions), and in my heart I am a classicist.

Because stone varies, you need to sample the current inventory when purchasing stone tile. I've looked at some Carrera tiles, and I also visited the SF Showroom to look at Fireclay Tile. They are a local company (Monterey County) making recycled and hand-glazed tiles. I like the look because the tiles are not perfect and have a lived-in look.

Also, they make many shades of white to choose from, and have a matte finish option:



Here is a video about how the tiles are made. Neat, huh?

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