Our Home Renovation: Latches and Drawer Pulls

Lions and tigers and drawer pulls, oh my! Okay, now I see why it's smart to hire a professional! Do these decisions about coordination ever end?

I have been dreaming of un-lacquered brass drawer pulls. I love the old-timey look, I love that you don't see them that much, and I love that they will warm up the look of the kitchen. Belmont Hardware is the place to go for selection. That building is so unassuming from the exterior, but it is a museum of hardware inside!

I chose 18 or 20 different knobs and bin pulls, in different finishes and sizes, to try holding up to the new cabinets. I got brass, polished nickel, brushed nickel, antique pewter, dark bronze, white bronze and satin nickel. Oh dear. Well, right away, I found out that the brass does not work, as it make the marble look way too gray. Jimmy likes the satin nickel (yawn), and I like the contrast of the shiny polished nickel.



I wanted latches on all of the cupboards and bin pulls on all the drawers. Well, now I can see how impractical that will be, and those danged latches are about $40 each. They're very high quality, but still! So, we have decided on latches for only the very top cupboards. We'll use knobs for those within reaching distance, and cup pulls. Okay, and we've also decided that everything should be shiny. Now to visit Belmont Hardware to find a manufacturer who makes all three so that the finish and colors will work.

Did I mention how time-consuming this project is?

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