Our Home Renovation: Light and Light Fixtures

We chose our under-cabinet lighting today. Our contractor had factored in the cost with fluorescent lights. I don’t like the color of that light, and even in my ancient kitchen I had installed halogen lights under the cabinets. I like LOTS of light in my kitchen.

Our experience in educating ourselves about lighting reminds me of an experience my parents had years ago while shopping for a car:

My parents had been American car owners all of their lives. At one point, when they were both over 55, they decided that they would also consider a German luxury car. In an attempt to impress my parents with the integrity of construction, the salesperson said, "This car is built so well that it will outlive both of you."  My Mom said that she and Dad looked at each other, and immediately left the showroom.

Along similar lines, my husband and I learned that LED lights are not just more energy efficient and more expensive. We also learned that their expected lifetime ought to surpass ours!  At least our salesperson caught herself, and explained that technology was moving so quickly that we would probably want to change them out at least a few more times.

We chose recessed lighting for the ceiling of the kitchen and hallway. Its not that we love it, but it is the most nondescript way of illuminating the area. By the way, the ‘standard’ is a six-inch wide hole for recessed lighting. It is trending towards smaller holes (very cool), but those are also more expensive, so we chose the standard.

Our electrician installed three different types of inserts, and three different types of LED bulbs. In evaluating them, we feel that we are acting out the Goldilocks fairytale. The ‘white’ light feels too cold, especially in our grey and white kitchen.

The ‘warm’ light feels too ‘candle-y’ yellow and yellows the crispness of the white cabinets.

34_Feb 14_Day 116B

The third choice is ‘just right’, or at least close enough for this decision.

34_Feb 14_Day 116C

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