Our Home Renovation: Backsplash, Appliances

Our backsplash tiles arrived! I chose handmade ceramic tiles. If I had known that it would take six weeks to make these, I probably wouldn’t have ordered them. Nevertheless, the tile setters began today.

They cut and lay the tile to fit, gluing it on. Then they will return in two days to grout it. Looks cool, huh?


In other news, our appliances are installed! This is exciting. It was a great surprise when I returned from the office today.



Our kitchen is beginning to feel like a kitchen. Jimmy is carefully removing the packing materials and wiping down our new refrigerator.


Finally, I am able to wash dishes upstairs! For the first time in four months, I do not have to load a plastic pail with dishes, then navigate to the basement to wash them in the utility sink!! Here is me celebrating dish washing in my new stainless sink!



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