Our Home Renovation: City Inspection

Our Home Renovation continues!

We had a BIG milestone recently. The city inspector came out to check our plumbing, heating, and electrical before the insulation and drywall were installed. Although our architect had drawn up our plans to show that less than 30% of our home was being renovated, it had in fact spilled over to a bit more.

Why is that important? According to city building ordinances, if 50% or more of the house is being renovated, sprinkling systems need to be installed throughout the house. This would have meant digging up the city street to install another line, ripping up our paved driveway to lay that dedicated line, and ripping into the lathe and plaster ceilings of every room in our house! This would have necessitated more permits, more time, and most certainly more money, lots more money.

The good news? The inspector acquiesced! (I can tell you more about that, but phone me and we can discuss).

Here's what the house looks like now:

9_Nov.24 Pic 79_Nov 24-pic 10

By Thanksgiving week, we were curious to see what, if anything, would move forward. The insulation is supposed to be next. So, here is the running list of “changes” to our plans since we started:

- Remove the old windows in the guest room. The windows were old and the French Doors added plenty of light. So reclaimed some wall space.

- Add a “hidden passage” from the 1⁄2 bath to the full bath, which will be concealed with a sliding barn door.

- Add two inset wall nooks on either side of the guest bathroom sink for display niches or inset medicine cabinets

- Widen the entry to the dining room from the kitchen to four feet and remove the original swinging door

- Add a micro drawer instead of a steam oven. Frankly I am reconsidering that, since I'm not used to using a microwave; most of our food is cooked, warmed by steam or oven heated.

- Push out the wall in the mud porch into the new “open space” we created to allow room for a stacking washer and dryer. Also, the contractor plumbed for a gas dryer and we are going to add electrical for possible electrical dryer (against his recommendation). He said it was wasteful unless we knew we were going to use it.

- Add CAT 6 cabling (planning for future non-wireless usage)

- Replace our current thermostat with a NEST

- Add a ceiling fan in the expanded sitting area of the bedroom

We are seesawing back and forth regarding plumbing gas for a potential gas fireplace in the bedroom. We have also decided against getting a steam oven (too expensive, too large, and too new). We will revisit the idea once they are more common in the marketplace.

We are currently living simply and in one room. I get out of bed in the morning, then I am two steps from our “kitchen”. I turn to the left and 18 inches away is my “office”. My “closet” is behind my bed and up against the front window. And we have two dedicated racks in our portable storage closet for shoes: one for mine and one for Jimmy's. Oh my!

Here are some photos of my "kitchen":

9_Nov.24 Pic1

9_Nov. 24 Pic 2

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