Our Home Renovation: Days 3 – 5

On Day 3, they cleaned all of the fallen insulation off the floor and covered it. I can hardly believe that our hardwood will survive that. At the end of the day, the electrician came to check out our old knob and tube wiring. The place looks like Snakes on a Plane. Funny thing is, it is totally operational.

On Day 4, they installed in the window in the kitchen and also opened the hallway to the kitchen. Effectively we have one, dark (no lights there), open “room” where the kitchen, mud porch and hallway were.

Below is a picture from the mud porch door, taken on Day 5. You can see that the hallway wall is gone. Also here you can clearly see the snake-like knob and tube electrical:

5_Oct 24 Pic 1

Here's a tip we learned: have lots of serving trays and extension cords handy! We had to move our makeshift kitchen from the back bedroom to the living room, and then last night we moved it from the living room back to the back bedroom. The connecting “hallway” from our bedroom to the living room currently doesn't exist anymore. In the morning, that space is filled with workers.

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