Our Home Renovation: French Doors

Our Home Renovation continues!

I went away for a girls weekend, and have come back with a mighty infection on my chest from a spider bite! My low-grade fever makes we want to sleep. Good question: where do you go to hide out when you are sick and your home is overrun with men with tools destroying walls?

Here's what we have so far:

The wall from the hall to the guest room has been opened in preparation of interior French doors:

The exterior wall of the same room has been opened and the French doors installed today.

The walls between the two back bedrooms have been removed (along with my office and our linen closet).

They have prepared our bathroom for busting open a new entrance from the bedroom, and to create the 1⁄2 bath accessible from the hallway:

7_ Oct 28 pic 1

We custom ordered the exterior French doors so that they would fit between the existing windows. Our contractor thought that they would look squished because they would have to use shared moulding. And, especially on the exterior, they would allow nowhere for sconce light on either side of the doors.

Yes, we had this discussion previously, and I didn't “get” the problem it would create until now. So, it looks like we are going to replace those two windows with narrower windows. Dang it! We could have made the French doors wider and eliminated the windows altogether. Oh well.

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