Our Home Renovation: Countertops, Cabinets

Yippee! My house is beginning to take on an air of its eventual final self. Our fabricator, Fernando of F-I Granite, just installed our Carrera countertops. We purchased two slabs at Pietra Fina in Hayward at the beginning of December. We visited several stone sources and examined stone slabs for color, pattern, and unique subtleties. Each slab is unique, but the two we purchased were excavated from the same source (the same hill in Italy) and were sequential slices.

We had hoped for only one seam (where the two slabs meet at the sink in the center of our kitchen). Fernando told me that there would have to be another seam, but that he could match the stones' striation. I was hesitant, but I trusted his expertise and skill, and I see now that the choice of a simple edge was correct.

This is the seam
However, I am not thrilled with the way the two slabs seamed together. Fernando explained that he tried to choose an area of the slab where there was less veining so that the seam would not be as visible. I think more veining would have been better, and it appears that the veins are at different angles.

Are these veins paralell
We are aiming for our kitchen to be classic: simple, and not fussy. When it came to choosing the edge detail, I waffled between a simple mitered edge (which looks like a square edge) and an Ogee apron. I really liked the Ogee but was afraid that it might look dated too soon, and perhaps too fussy for my small kitchen.

In other news, our cabinet installation is finally finished! I chose Swiss Coffee colored cabinets because that is such a warm, yet clean shade of white. But now, they appear to clash with my grey-white Carrera counters!! And I swear that the crown molding detail at the top is not the same color white!! Or at least it is a different sheen:

19_Jan12_Renovation Day_83B

Oh my! I made the poor workers climb up on the ladder, hold a light to it, bring in another portion of molding to compare, AND call their supervisor. They convinced me that it is the same color and sheen, but the way the light reflects off the curvature of the cove in the molding makes it appear different.

18_Jan 5 Reno Day_76

By the way, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to our Precision Cabinets installers. They have the patience of Job, the technical accuracy of a German car, and the communication skills of a diplomat.

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    Mary Ann, Totally love it. Fun, informative, great presentation. Am i on the list to receive updates? You have to think of the way to continue it somehow. GREAT JOB