Our Home Renovation: Wood, Tiles, Doorknobs

They have been working on the wood trim for the past few days. Both Jimmy and I feel that that has had the largest visual impact in bringing everything together.

We wanted to replicate the original woodwork of the house. That means that the trim around the door has to be 4.5”, and the baseboards have to be approximately 6”. We could not replicate them exactly, but Joe was able to find a combination of two moldings for the baseboards and another combination for the door trim that comes very close.

Our house has its original picture molding in all rooms but the bathroom, kitchen and mud porch. Instead of crown molding (which is very popular now), I am having the picture molding replicated to tie it into the original feel of the house.

Additionally, in attempt to make the new floor plan feel like it was original, we have re-inserted the heater grate in the hallway (surrounded with new trim). Also, I kept the telephone niche and the built-in ironing board. The telephone niche has been reinstalled in the hallway, but I have not been able to identify a place for the ironing board.





Next, we need to decide the floor and surround for the half bath. Currently, our full bath is covered in Carrera 12x12 tiles. Do I choose hexagon for the small bathroom (traditional), basket weave (I love this, but too busy?), or subway Carrera? What do you think?




We chose the most diminutive, yet functional sink and toilet for the half bath. I had wanted a vanity for some storage under the sink, but can you imagine: the available space is 32” wide and 19” deep! So we chose a sweet pedestal sink, with a rim wide enough to set your contact lens case and solution on while preparing your contacts for the day.

It's time to order the doorknobs for our new doors. Every original doorknob in our home is glass, and a combination of very worn brass and something silver-toned.




Do I choose antique brass, or do I choose brushed nickel? The decision making never ends...

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