Our Home Renovation: Plans Change

Our Home Renovation continues!

Lately, there has not been much visible difference to our home. However, much has progressed. The electricians have been here every day for two weeks, the plumbers were here for a week, and in the past two days, the HVAC people have been here to redirect and install new heater vents.

7_Nov 12 Pic 2

Naturally, we have made changes as we bundle up each morning, coffee in hand, and evaluate everything. We have decided to eliminate the windows in the guest room study, and allow extra space in the room via the French doors alone. This decision was largely as result of budget and the additional cost of installation. We had originally planned to leave the existent windows, but were talked out of it by our contractor.

We have decided to expand the mud porch into the kitchen to allow room for a stacking washer and dryer. The electrical and plumbing for this eventual set up has been an additional expense.

We had always planned on under-counter lighting in the kitchen. Our contractor suggested that we visit the lighting store to evaluate the various colors of fluorescent light. We visited the store and determined that we hated the fluorescent light, and that the upgrade would use LED lights instead.

We thought that we had picked the perfect kitchen sink and kitchen faucet until we really took the time to visit a specialty distributor. As a result, we have chosen a higher-end sink of better quality and a pull-down faucet with touch control (that $150 upgrade was my husband Jimmy's choice).

Also, I decided we should install a ceiling fan in the back bedroom, and Jimmy wants to expand the doorway between the dining room and living room to four feet. Those are a few other up-charges being thrown on the stack.

Today we shopped for the pocket door to the half bath. Of course, we decided on a heavy sliding French door with frosted glass.

Oh my! It's so much easier to make choices when making a house ready for market. My operating principle then is “get what looks good and is inexpensive”.

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