Our Home Renovation: Paint Preparation

Our painting crew has been here for the past several days. They are working on prepping the walls and trim for paint. Of course, we have so much new trim work, and all of it fashioned to replicate the original, but there is plenty of old wood also.

So, another round of dust, dust, dust as they sand and smooth, and prepare. The new drywall is sanded, and all of the old wooden trim is too. It's interesting to see the layers of paint and the evolution of colors all the way back to 1926! And, no doubt, there is lead in that dust, as household paint was manufactured with lead up until 1978.

Also, we relocated and reused our old heater grates.  The crew sanded those down to metal (no easy task).

25_January 30_Renovation Day  99_B

25_January 30_Renovation Day  99_C

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