Our Home Renovation: Finishing Up

Our house is beginning to look like a house instead of a project, and it seems that EVERYBODY is here today for the final finish ups. We have the painter, the cabinet installer, and the electrician. The finish carpenters also returned to hang the doors, add doorknobs, and complete a few follow-up details. Yippee! We are almost there.

The last job for final completion is the HVAC (rehanging the heating ducts) and the installation of our new NEST thermostat.

I have just called the cleaner to schedule post-construction clean up. Once he has been able to remove all of the dust, wash the windows and wipe all the cabinets, I dare say we will be ready to move in!

We hope to move back into our house next week. I met with my handyman today to discuss adding more storage in our clothing closets. Hopefully he will have time early next week, then we can move in during the latter half of the week.

Jimmy and I are planning to spend most of next week sorting through our possessions. We have learned that we can live on so little! We will move out of the living room (our home since October) and liberate our dining room of its storage contents. Once those rooms are clear, we plan to refinish those floors and repaint those rooms.

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