Our Home Renovation: In-Between Projects

We haven’t begun the next big project (the main bathroom), but we are taking care of many in-between projects.

We had relocated walls in what had been our middle bedroom / guest room, and created a new exit with double French doors from that room to our side yard.

We had a large 10 x 10 foot deck built, and a pergola installed, to match exactly the existing deck at the back of the house. Yesterday, we had the fountain installed. It looks fabulous with a background of creeping fig growing on the fence immediately behind it.

52_June 25-Rennovation Day_249A
52_June 25-Rennovation Day_249BWe also asked our carpenter to add an additional privacy screen to raise the fence another 14”. This is just enough height to make sure we can't see into the next door neighbor’s bedroom window. Soon the creeping fig will cover that too.

We had pea gravel laid to create a path to the backyard. Here, Jimmy is watering the lemon tree on the back deck, and you can just glimpse the back yard seating area under the California Bay tree.

52_June 25-Rennovation Day_249CThe army of standing Terracotta pipes on the right side of the gravel was salvaged from our remodel. Those are the remnants of the furnace flue that lead from the now-replaced gravity-furnace in the basement to the roof. I plan to bury them at staggered heights in the ground and plant them with succulents.  You can see how one project leads to another...

52_June 25-Rennovation Day_249EJimmy now refers to this side of the house as ‘Tuscany”.

Also, if you do not know about A. Silvestri fountains in South San Francisco, you MUST visit. They are fabulous!

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