Our Home Renovation: Moving In!

At last . . . . we begin moving in!

The cleaners came in over the weekend to wash the windows and vacuum the dust off of the walls, molding, floors, crevices and cracks.

Now we begin the process of moving back into our home. Yippee! Because we have dark floors now, my first concern is to hang drapes to shield the floors from the sun. We love all of the light flowing into our home, so I decided to hang linen sheers to filter the light. We are using drapery rings because it is a casual look, yet easy to open and close. Besides, I love the sound of wrought iron rings sliding against wrought iron rods; it just sounds purposeful.

44_April 1_ Day_162ANow, we will have to remember to slide the drapes closed when we leave every day. It's kind of a cool ritual to open the house to light when we return home each day. Not such a cool ritual to have to close it up each morning when we leave.

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