Our Home Renovation: Mud Porch Cabinets

We kept our mud porch because it is so central to our lives. But we modified the size of it in our construction to make room for the new opened up center of the house. It is still the mud porch, but it now will perform double duty as our laundry room too. We have had cabinets constructed, and have added a wall panel to conceal the washer and dryer.

Today the cabinets arrived, and were installed. Rosendo Pardo of RSP Design Inc. Plan-It and his crew did an amazing job!

53_June27_ Day251A 53_June27_ Day251E 53_June27_ Day251F 53_June27_ Day251C 53_June27_ Day251D We don’t have the new washer and dryer yet ($$$), so I am still running downstairs to my top-loading old Maytag. However, we are utilizing the cupboard above where the washer and dryer will be for the home of our router, modem and our land line. This is about dead center of the house, and a great place to hide that stuff.

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