Our Home Renovation: No Shower!

We have no shower! Here I am washing my hair in the kitchen sink:

58_July6_Day261AWe are certainly glad that we decided on the extra deep kitchen sink and the pull down hose. However, Jimmy seems to prefer the utility sink downstairs in the basement.

We have both mastered the art of ‘sponge-bathing’ and sharing a half-bath with the two tile layers. Of course, we most graciously have accepted the offers from our neighbors to use their ‘facilities’.

They have packed the walls with insulation and papered it with this fabulous purple paper. Please note my old tub, which has become the storage receptacle for the job.

58_July6_Day261C58_July6_Day261BThis morning I asked Jimmy, "Someday, when we have an orderly house again, will we remember all of this and the difficulty?’ He replied, "We will never understand how we were able to do it." I think that he is right.

I am currently reading a novel describing the daily lives of Londoners during the blitz of 1940. This is nothing.

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