Our Home Renovation: Phase 2

Transitioning and moving in is a slow process. We had stuffed furniture, artwork and worldly possessions either in the garage, or in the only two rooms that were not touched. Now we are preparing those two rooms for floor refinishing and painting. We are barely moved in properly to the renovated rooms because everything from the two front rooms has been relocated for the remodel!

47_April 9_ Day  170A47_April 9_ Day  170B47_April 9_ Day  170C47_April 9_ Day  170DRenovation begets more renovation. Our Phase 2 of the project is to repaint the living and dining rooms. We are also going to have the floors stripped and refinished to match the darker color that we have chosen for the newly renovated parts of the house.

Here are the ‘before’ pics of the two rooms. I don’t expect that we will change too much. Won’t it be nice to have the house completed before we begin Phase 3?

48_April 13_Day17448_April 13_Day174BPhase 3 will be about gutting the existing bathroom, relocating the toilet and the sink, and adding a floor-to-ceiling linen closet.

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