Our Home Renovation: Refinishing the Floors

During this whole process, people in my industry have said to me, "This must be so easy for you because you see beautiful houses everyday." I understand the logic, but truthfully, it makes it more difficult. It's hard to make decisions when you know there are so many choices!

Case in point: we stained the wood floors a mutually-agreed upon color. Then, two days later, I visited a past client who had just completed refinishing their hardwood. Geez, the dark color they chose looked so good.

So, after living with our floors for one week, Jimmy and decided that we would rather have a dark-colored finish. We decided to have the floors re-sanded and re-stained before moving into the affected rooms. This choice set us back one week in time, and, of course, cost more $$$. It ALL comes down to time and money.

40_March 19_Renovation DayA 149

Here we are, two weeks after the completion of the hardwood floors. Nice color though, right?

41_March23_Renovation Day_153B

41_March23_Renovation Day_153A

41_March23_Renovation Day_153D

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