Our Home Renovation: Settling and Sorting

We set up our bed today. After sleeping on the foldout couch in the living room for 6 months, this was a huge milestone. We both slept without dreams, neither tossing nor turning. For me, it was like an upgrade to a four star hotel. And it was so pleasant to wake in a room dedicated to one function. Our previous sleeping room had also served as home to our wardrobes, our office, our kitchen, and our storage. The worst of it was that there was not a single surface free of clutter!

Pete, our handyman, installed closet organizers, and they look great. Jimmy was eager to transfer everything off the living room garment rack and into his closet. I am being very judicious. After living with a massively pared-down wardrobe, I am seriously weighing the value of every item. Many are called; few are chosen.

45_April 2_Day 163 B

45_April 2_Day 163 CPlease Note: if anyone is interested in lightly-worn, previously owned, quality women’s garments, check out The Burlingame Goodwill Store located on California Drive, just north of Broadway. Also look for massive amounts of dinnerware, kitchen gadgets and linens to follow. And, no doubt, once we are able to unload the garage, there will be furniture and objet d’art arriving there also.

So, what have we learned? One of the best lessons has been that we need so little to live comfortably. It’s not four star quality, but it has been comfortable.

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