Our Home Renovation: The Bathroom Remodel

Today we began construction on our existing bathroom:

54-June29_Day253B54-June29_Day253C54-June29_Day253DWe waited for this bathroom because it got us through the major construction, as it was the second of the two rooms untouched by the previous work. With this project, we lose our tub and shower. We understand that we will still have use of it in the evenings, largely because we are not moving the tub. It’s old, heavy, and original to the house. I love it! However, we decided last week that we would replace the existing shower surround, which is now 12” x 12” Carrera, with subway tiles in Carrera. So, that means we will be without it for at least a few days . . .

After 6 hours, this is how our poor bathroom finished the day!!

55_June 29_Day253A55_June 29_Day253B55_June 29_Day253CAnd to my surprise, our bathtub is now on our back deck!!! 55_June 29_Day253EOur contractor pulled our 1927 cast iron tub from its home, and stripped it of drain and overflow assembly. He is suggesting that we take this opportunity to replace it with a new tub instead of re-glazing.

What do you think?

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