Our Home Renovation: The Finished Living Room

Our living room is done! Well, almost. There's no furniture in it yet because we still need to choose a paint color for the walls. Mary, our colorist, helped us identify colors that match the original tile around the fireplace from 1927. The first time she was here, she helped me choose a beautiful matching yellow, but now I'm thinking that maybe I don't want yellow in the living room. So, she came back and we choose a blueish-green gray to match the rest of the house. Decisions, decisions! At least we've decided on the color of the couch, and we know it will match the yellow AND the gray.

Mary also suggested that we replace the living room curtains with something else. She thinks that our white molding is too beautiful to cover up. I agree! The question is: what do we do with the curtains? Any ideas?

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