Our Home Renovation: The Side Yard

It never ends! Remodeling begets remodeling. Jimmy and I are doing our best to be patient. We want to complete the house all in one go, then breathe, no matter how long it takes.

By adding double French doors in what had been the middle bedroom (our guest room), we created an inviting flow to the side yard. The side yard blends out to the backyard, and our backyard is large and perfect for entertaining. However, you could only reach it through one of the bedrooms, or by walking down the driveway. As you might imagine, that's awkward for carrying food and strange for guests.

So here is Betto and his crew creating a raised brick deck. The four corners are where the columns will be erected. Then we'll put a pergola on top.

betto deckThe brick pattern, stairs, columns and pergola will mimic the design of our back deck. Again, we are working to make everything blend.

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