11. Renovation Completed; the Front Yard.

The front yard landscape was not technically completed as part of the renovation project.  However, it was completed with this project in mind.  Front Yard From Entry Gate

About four years ago we decided to remove our front lawn. As it turns out, it has been perfect for the last several drought years.

Low maintenance plants, a pea gravel undefined walkway, and a semi-wall have given us new privacy and new sitting area.  The front is especially beautiful at night with low-voltage lights highlighting the olive trees and select grasses.

Front Yard Towards Side YardI would love to remove the back yard grass and replace with gravel and accent boulders, but my husband is not so keen on the idea.

Also, you can see here that we are decorated for the Halloween season.  This will be a constant reminder that we began our demolition for the project in October of 2014 and finally finished our project in October of 2015.  Also, I like the way the spots of orange contrast nicely with the green tones of the foliage. The Front Yard Facing Back Towards the Street

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