8. Renovation Completed; Bathrooms

We were able to carve a bathroom and a half bathroom from the original bathroom and a ‘water closet’.  Typical of these older homes, there had been a toilet in a closet off of the mudroom.  A large utility sink sat in the mudroom, so it was a half bath in essence. Master Bath

By opening walls and reworking the floor plan we were able to create a half bath with access from the hallway, and a full bath with access off of the master lounge.  We had lost a linen closet when we removed the wall between the two bedrooms.  We had a large floor to ceiling standing cabinet custom built to fit in the space.Master Bath SinkAlthough our bathroom did have wainscoting previously, it did not have board batten detail. I liked the clean lines, and the orderliness of all the vertical detail so we added that. Master Bath Shower Detail We chose period detailing with the hexagon Carrera floors, and the black diamond detail in the shower surround.  We were going to replace the tub, but we could not find anything with a retro style that we liked as well as our original cast iron, so we had both the tub and our pedestal sink recoated.

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