Seller Testimonials

Mary Ann is an incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable and affective agent.  When it came to selling our home in San Mateo Park, we wanted to move quickly and were not available to do much work ourselves.  Mary Ann took the reins and got the house in beautiful condition and ready to sell.  She had the right network of agents to bring us a lot of interest and a great handle on marketing to extend beyond her network, too.  Mary Ann is the kind of agent that will do anything for her clients, truly.  She worked extremely hard for us and did a fantastic job selling our home.  We highly recommend Mary Ann!

Katie C. - San Mateo

Mary Ann was a fantastic selling agent for us.  She guided us through the whole process, was collaborative, professional, and worked extremely hard on our behalf.  She was great at communicating daily updates and asking for our input.  She did a great job selling our home.  I'd highly recommend using Mary Ann for any real estate needs

Dan S. - San Mateo

We auditioned about a dozen local agents by attending open houses to observe their preparation and how they interact with potential buyers.  We wanted to be sure that the agent we selected would be engaging and approachable, welcoming guests as they enter the home (just as Grandpa did for decades).  We also wanted to know that our agent would prepare for the open house and be able to speak intelligently about the property from memory.  Lastly, we wanted an agent who would be passionate about the house and convey that through how they communicate.  Through this "audition process" we quickly found our top two agents in relation to how they interact with buyers.

Next, we needed to know which of the two worked best with us, the sellers.  To be fair, we found this next phase to be particularly challenging because each agent brought unique talents and ideas for how to prepare and market Grandpa's house to get the greatest return.  Both agents had a great plan, but Mary Ann Teixeira stood out to us because she showed a true appreciation for the history of the home.  She was very interested to learn more about who Grandpa was, what he was like, and how proud he was of his home.  She was already engaging with us in a way that we knew would prepare her well for the day she would speak with buyers, and this gave us tremendous confidence in her abilities.  We had already witnessed it when pretending to be a buyer, and now it continued as we met with her regarding the sale of Grandpa's house.  Mary Ann believed in leveraging the history of the house to increase its future potential.

Selecting Mary Ann to represent us proved to be a wise decision time and again as we prepared the home for sale.  Mary Ann promised we could be hands-off (since we primarily live out of town) and she would manage the coordination of contractors and services.  Together we built a plan and a budget for improvements to the property and left it to Mary Ann and her team to execute.  Not only did she execute and meet all the planned deadlines, but it was all done on budget and the final product was simply amazing.  Within about four weeks we completed all pre-sales inspections (roof, chimney, property, pest, sewer), installed new or refinished hardwood flooring, painted everything inside and out, updated a full bathroom, landscaped the front and back yards, completed miscellaneous repairs and improvements, and cleaned and staged the home for showing.  Mary Ann continued to keep her pace through it all and quickly got pictures taken which appeared on a dedicated website for the home as well as professional print materials.  Everything was exceptional!

After all of that, we knew the open houses would be a breeze for her--and she did not disappoint.  She had a plan for the scheduling of several open houses and explained the purpose of each in advance.  We had learned pretty early on to trust her decision-making but she was always very thoughtful to keep us informed daily.  With her guidance, we not only saved time on the improvements and speed to market, but she far exceeded our expectations on the sales price of the home.  Mary Ann won our business, and then she earned our reference!

Jenny D. - Burlingame

Mary Ann was referred to us by another realtor as someone who is experienced listing homes in our area.  After initially meeting, we felt comfortable with her as being the proper fit for us.  It took some time, though, before we were ready to put our house on the market, at which point we needed a fairly quick sale.  It just happened that Mary Ann was vacationing out of the country.  No worries, her team got the process started with Mary Ann coordinating from abroad.  When she returned, she stepped in and saw the rest of the transaction through.  Her professionalism and optimistic nature helped keep us calm during the more stressful events that are likely to arise with any home sale or purchase.  I would certainly recommend Mary Ann to anyone looking for an experienced advocate for their real estate transaction.

Steve C. - Belmont

I wish I could give Mary Ann Teixeira more that 5 stars!  After my parents passed away, we decided to sell the family house.  We have seen her work in selling homes in our area for years, so she our first choice.  She has knowledge, experience and a work ethic unlike anyone I have ever met. She met us at the house with a folder of information, including a checklist on preparing the property, marketing strategies, and comparisons.....she does her homework!

Mary Ann was there for all inspections, reviewed the reports with us, got the job estimates and helped us determine which repairs to have done.  She scheduled and coordinated a team for the work to be done, including hardwood floor installers, painters, landscapers, handyman, cleaning crew and stagers.  Mary Ann is there every day to check on the work being done, and makes sure it is up to her standards.  She was even there with her husband washing down the cabinets in the garage!

Once the house is ready, she schedules a professional photographer for brochures, custom website and virtual tour.

Mary Ann talks to every person that comes to the open house! When it was time to review the multiple offers, she had everything laid out on a spread sheet, which made it easy for us to compare.  Mary Ann is the best!  Her experience and hard work is beyond anyone else! If you are thinking of buying or selling a house, call Mary Ann Teixeira.

Lorri M. - Belmont

I recently was responsible for selling my parent’s house that they had lived in for 30 years. I interviewed a number of local Realtors and chose Mary Ann. She is very knowledgeable of the local real estate market and she is very personable. She wanted to learn a lot the history of the house and my parents lives in the house. It was not just any old house to her. I had not been involved in the sale of s house for over 25 years so I had a lot to learn and understand about today’s market. Mary Ann guided me through each and every step. She is very responsive to emails, text messages and phone calls.

Since my parents had lived in the house for 30 years they took care of the general maintenance however the house needed work before putting it on the market. Mary Ann and I walked through the house and discussed each room and her recommendations for changes to modernize and brighten it up. She did an excellent job in identifying where to make improvements that would provide the most benefit. I appreciated that she was cautious in her recommendations to spend money as if it were her own. I agreed with her recommendations and she took over from there as I don’t live locally. She contacted contractors and got bids for me to review. She continued to evaluate the costs of the projects and worked to bring the costs down where she could. Mary Ann and her assistant Julie coordinated and managed the contractors. They did an amazing job in keeping everyone to task and in finishing all the work on schedule. They kept me abreast of the changes to the house by sending me daily pictures and status reports.  Once the house was ready to put on the market Mary Ann held various open houses focused on specific clientele. When she met with prospective buyers she gave them ideas on potential future enhancements. We received a number of bids on the house. She checked out each of the potential buyers to ensure they were financially secure before proceeding with accepting offers. She did a wonderful job in negotiating the best price for me. I relied on her expertise and knowledge. I trusted her 100% and I couldn’t be any happier or more satisfied. She did a fantastic job and I would definitely work with her again!

Leslie C. - Burlingame

I have worked with Mary Ann both on the purchase of a property, and on a sale of that same property.  Both times she went above and beyond the call of duty.  Not just in terms of effort, but also lending valuable insight that led to two transactions that exceeded our expectations.  She introduced elements and nuances of the process that gave us a leg up on the rest of the market.  Most recently we sold a condo using her as the listing agent.  We were living out of state and needed both a great agent for the mid-peninsula market, and an agent that could project manage from start to finish.  We couldn't be happier with the result.  She handled contractors, move out of the renters, staging, repairs, inspections, listing, marketing, open houses, showings, managing demand, pulling multiple offers, keeping those offers engaged, and getting the strongest offer to close!  Do yourself a favor, use Mary Ann and you will sleep better at night.

Phil M. - San Mateo

"We hired Mary Ann to sell our home in San Mateo after we had already moved out of the area.  Due to our relocation and a few complications with the buyers that we decided to work with, the closing process was a little more longer and complicated than usual. Despite this, she did a phenomenal job of staying on top of all aspects of the process and keeping us informed all along the way.  She was extremely knowledgeable about the market and was always willing to go above and beyond on little tasks (e.g. coordinating with stagers, landscapers, cleaners, contractors, junk haulers, etc) since we were no longer in the area.  In the end, we sold the house for well above list and are happy to recommend Mary Ann".

Martin B.

"Dear Mary Ann,

Thanks for the lovely email. I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July. I am sure your business is doing well these days with everyone interested in getting into a home while mortgages are so low. I wish I lived in your area so I could refer someone, and certainly if I ever have a friend or relative moving to your area, your name will be on the top of the help list I will give to them. Your wealth of knowledge was a godsend to us when my sister died and left us to deal with her home in San Mateo. May you have a wonderful 4th and may all the goodness that you pass out to your clients, friends and relatives be returned to you in good measure. I will always remember your kindness. My very best to you."

Joyce S.


"Mary Ann Teixeira sold my mother-in-law's house this summer.  She did an excellent job in all areas and was very flexible working with us.  Her time table was manageable, and she kept us updated on the process.  If you want a Realtor who knows the market, you can't go wrong with Mary Ann.  She's full of energy, great contacts, and is interested in doing the best for her clients."

Janice L. – San Mateo, CA


"If you are intrigued about the 5 stars for Mary Ann on Yelp, don't be! She is that and more. We had just gone through a terrible agent who had failed to keep his word, and was just too lazy. I frantically searched for agents on Yelp and called Mary Ann among a few others. She showed up in just a couple of hours, paid careful attention, and exuded confidence all the way through. There are too many great things about Mary Ann, but here is a brief list of what makes her the very best:

  1. She is detail oriented. Whether you are selling or buying, the details really matter.
  1. Excellent communicator: she can communicate with a kindergartner as we as she can with a PhD. Do not underestimate the need for communication. Things can easily get complicated in real estate.
  1. She shows up and keeps her word. This may seem like a basic requirement for any professional, but I am amazed at the number of agents that are extremely unprofessional.
  1. She listens very well, and she respectfully puts her thoughts across when she disagrees. Whether you are selling or buying, this is an emotional business. Having someone on your side that listens and is respectful can ease the process a great deal.
  1. She is super-experienced and knowledgeable. Mary Ann was the only one of five realtors we interviewed who was able to identify subtle upgrades that we had done in the blink of an eye.

Don't waste your time or money with someone else. Just hire Mary Ann!!"

Vidya R. – Redwood City, CA


"Mary Ann is a professional's professional. When I interviewed agents to list my house for sale, she stood out as the one who had already thought about the property, who might buy it, how to market it. Oh, and that first interview was set up for 11:00 AM and she arrived at 10:59 AM. Every single thing she did afterward was just like that kind of clockwork – from professional cleaning to assisted staging to the paperwork to deciding what the offer price should be and how to deal with the multiple offers we received on the property."

Greg S. – San Jose, CA


"In 2013 we decided it was best to sell our house and find a new home that would meet the needs of our growing family. Like most people, we were overwhelmed with the thought of preparing our house to sell, moving, locating temporary housing, and finding our next home. This is never an easy prospect particularly when you have children.

We met with several realtors and spoke with even more. This is a large endeavor and we wanted to be sure we were working with somebody who understood our objectives and had our best interests in mind...not just a commission check. Our decision led us to Mary Ann Teixeira of Coldwell Banker.

She came prepared, was clearly knowledgeable and experience in the Bay Area market, laid out a plan of what we were going to do, and then delivered. She has built a team of top-notch resources that she was able to leverage for all aspects; from handymen and painters, to stagers and marketing support, to mortgage brokers and structural engineers, and finally movers. She made herself available to us day and night even if it was to simply occupy our children while we previewed open homes.

If you're looking for an agent that can help you and understands it's (sometimes) more than just a real estate transaction, then I encourage you to contact Mary Ann Teixeira."

Matt R. – San Mateo, CA


"My husband and I moved from the Peninsula to the Foothills.  Our transition to our new home spanned a little over two years.  Mary Ann represented us as the selling agent when we sold our condominiums in San Mateo.  Mary Ann proved to be a valuable asset to us in theses transactions because she knows the current market trends of the area.  Her professionalism was evident throughout the entire process.
We sold the first condo in 2011 in a rather sluggish seller's market.  Mary Ann worked with us to prepare the property for sale, marketed the property through mass mailing, and held weekend open houses.  Through her outstanding efforts she was able to provide us with an acceptable offer in less than eight weeks.

The second condominium closed escrow last month.  Again Mary Ann's market knowledge and professionalism made this process seamless.  She was able to bring us a number of offers after the property was on the market less than two weeks.  Mary Ann's negotiating skills are outstanding, she explained each step of the process to us allowing us to make the best decision.

Mary Ann is a true professional, yet she is also a warm and caring person.  Both my husband and I have lived in San Mateo for over twenty years and it wasn't easy leaving the area.   Mary Ann always puts the client first and allows them to move through the selling process at there own pace.

Mary Ann is a wonderful person and a true professional.  I would highly recommend her to represent someone in a real estate transaction!"

Anne B. – Placerville, CA


"Mary Ann possesses the rare combination of professional excellence and true caring for her clients. In addition to being extremely organized, responsive and well connected, Mary Ann is a great communicator. She helped my mother overcome her fear of leaving her home of 50 years and took all of the time required to ensure that she understood the process, had the time she needed to make decisions without feeling pushed or rushed and helped make what was a difficult process much easier for my family."

Susan L. – San Mateo, CA


"Mary Ann relentlessly to help me get through the process of getting my house ready to go on the market. If she hadn’t been there to guide me through what was a nightmare of a Roller–Coaster Ride, I know eventually I would’ve made the decision not to sell. She gave me the push and support I needed each time something went wrong in getting ready to show the house, reassuring me everything was coming along great and looked wonderful.

Mary Ann helped me hire people to do repairs and gave advice on things that I needed to change, although I fought her on some items, in the end she was usually right. She brought in Kerry Roth, of Décor Staging, to stage my home and Kerry suggested we should change some of the colors in the rooms, which really made a big difference. Kerry did a wonderful job in transforming my house into a beautiful home I was proud to say I owned.

Mary Ann did an excellent job marketing my house at a time the market was cooling off and as a result I received multiple offers and sold at a great price.

I feel like Mary Ann has become a friend and all the positive comments in the reviews people have written about her, I completely agree with. If you want someone that isn’t pushy, will listen to your opinion, but will stand her ground when she feels she’s right and guide you in the right direction in getting your house on the market and sold at a good price, go with Mary Ann.

My only wish is that she was here in Texas to help me go through the buying process. Not having Mary Ann here representing me, as a Buyer, makes me appreciate her and what she does for a client even more. I would definitely use her again!"

Jeanne B. Frisco, TX


"Mary Ann saved me from having a nervous breakdown!

At the age of 76, I decided to move to a senior community, which meant I would sell my condo in San Mateo and buy a property in the community almost simultaneously.

I called Mary Ann whom I met about 7 years previously and she still remembered me! She came to me with all the meticulous research that she had done about the market, my condo, and my building.

She told me to let her do the worrying which was very reassuring as I had been quite stressed out already!

She arranged to have my condo professionally staged and professionally photographed, and scheduled both of those events. She arranged a private viewing for my neighbors and her colleagues at Coldwell Banker during which she found a buyer with whom she negotiated the selling price about 13.5% more than the listing price!! Not only that, she negotiated the date of escrow closing so that I would have a smooth transaction on my buying side.

Her ‘after care’ was excellent also. She arranged the cleaning of the condo after I had moved and also gave me a thumb drive containing everything that has to do with the selling of the condo.

She is petite but awesome – a real professional, a good listener and kind!!! I do not hesitate a second to recommend her to anyone."

Michiko M. – Walnut Creek, CA


"I can't say enough great things about Mary Ann. She's more than an agent; she's a friend, designer, contractor and adviser. She was with us every step of the way through the sale of the home from meeting inspectors and painters to personally escorting and following up with all potential buyers. While some of that may seem standard fare, Mary Ann's style is unparalleled. She's personable and easy, yet pushy and stern when she needs to be. We found these characteristics very valuable and believe that our house sold quickly and to the right buyer because of her prowess. She's also a fantastic consultant, able to give really great advice that's right for you. We love her dearly."

Jen C. San Mateo, CA


"What to say about Mary Ann?

Well, firstly, she treats your house and the marketing of your home for sale just like top software companies treat marketing: Web presence, high–end photography, amazing attention to detail. As software professional I can't tell you how nice a change of pace that is over most local businesses.

Especially on the San Francisco Peninsula, high quality images on the Internet are what drive people to your home to see it.

Then to top it off she comes complete with a set of high–end professionals for home inspection, staging, photography, title, etc. She's a one–stop shop.

The process of selling your home can be very challenging and (as it turns out) quite emotional as well. There are a ton of papers to be read and signed. Mary Ann made this simple for us. She listened to everything we had to say and incorporated the way we felt comfortable working into her process. For example, I had an emotional reaction when it hit me that I'd come home from work one night and see a "for sale" sign in front of MY house. I wasn't expecting to feel that way, but Mary Ann made it easy. She offered to let me know at least 24 hours before the sign would go up, so I'd be prepared. It sounds silly, but it wasn't. It made the process comfortable.

Mary Ann was at our house all the time prepping and showing. She held 4 open houses in 2 weeks. 4!!! And, she drove well over 100 people through the house in the first weekend alone.

She is a master negotiator as well when it comes down to the final transaction. She laid everything out for us in a spreadsheet (again, a real breath of fresh air) and made it simple to see which way to go, and clear what we should do.

Last, she went above and beyond over and over. She helped us find rental properties, she helped us get boxes for moving, she helped us with a few difficulties we had with the buyers after the fact (after she was no longer officially tied to the sale).

Mary Ann is highly professional, sensitive to her sellers' needs, focused, polished, and above all, is a great person that we now count as a friend. I couldn't recommend her more."

Bill L. – San Mateo, CA


"I want to thank you for helping us selling our home. It was a real pleasure working with you. You really made a process that is usually stressful feel smooth and easy.

I cannot say enough good things about your professionalism, attention to detail, initiative and enthusiasm. It’s easy to see that you really care about your clients and that you treat the sale of a house like your very own.

We appreciate your hard work, from the terrific marketing of our home, which brought hundreds of interested buyers and agents to see our house, to your suggestions about small improvements and presentation that added so much value.

We are also thankful for the way you coordinated all the details and how patient and responsive you were answering all our questions. We know we would not have sold the house as well as you did without your help.

We’ll be happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to make the sale of their home a successful and stress free event.”

Marcela C. – Burlingame, CA


"Mary Ann is truly the best realtor I know. I have to thank my very good friend for referring Mary Ann to my husband and I about 3 years ago when we were contemplating, whether or not we want to sell our house.

And, fast-forward 3 years later, we are finally at escrow with our house. All thanks to Mary Ann. She was always professional and so very patient with all of our questions. She is not one that tells you what to do. Instead, she'll give you suggestions, tell you about pros and cons and let you make the right decision for yourself.

As my good friend said, just trust in Mary Ann, because she will always have your best interest at heart. The next step for us now, would be for Mary Ann to find us our next home. I completely trust and have faith that she will find the right house for us.

I am really grateful that I have such a good realtor on my side. Thanks for being there for us every step of the way Mary Ann. I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends in the future."

Jesebel K. – San Mateo, CA


"I worked with Mary Ann to sell my house in Burlingame in 2013 and was very pleased with the service she gave us, and her insight into the market. My efforts to sell my house put me in a unique position to compare the process of selling my house without an agent, and selling with Mary Ann. After working with her and experiencing the added value she contributed to the process, I would not consider any real estate transaction without Mary Ann.

When my wife and I decided to move, we had several discussions concerning the costs associated with using an agent vs. those in selling the house ourselves. Soon after we began telling our friends of our plans to move, one of them offered to buy the house for a price we considered a bit low for the market, but considering the savings by not using an agent we, would end up keeping more after the deal was done. Our friends also promised a fast close (average at the time was 10 days), so we agreed.

More than a month later, and after 4 different inspections, we were still no closer to closing the deal than when we began. We spent a lot of time poring over sales contracts, visiting our attorney for advice, and trying to collect the mountain of paperwork necessary to sell a house in California. I was taking time off of work to learn what documents we needed, fill out those documents properly, get our attorney to review, then correcting any errors we made along the way. All in all, I spent between 40 and 60 hours on the deal, just to have it fall apart due to buyers with cold feet.

That is when we decided to contact Mary Ann. Of the 3 agents we talked to, she was the only one to follow-up with us more than one time, showing her persistence and desire to be part of the deal. She helped us get contractors to clean up the details on the house, a stager that made it look amazing, and many other contractors. She was so experienced with this, and already had so many contractors available that were willing to rush the work through for her, that we had the house on the market and our first open house within about 10 days. Her marketing plan was executed flawlessly, resulting in 7 offers for our house, the top 3 of which were FAR above what we expected. I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

Once the dust settled, Mary Ann had succeeded in getting us a price significantly higher than we expected. She not only paid for her own commission, but the final settlement also left us with about $200K more than we would have cleared had the first deal gone through.

In short, Mary Ann not only got us more money than by selling ourselves, she made the process virtually painless since she was in full control from start to finish. I will definitely work with Mary Ann again when either buying or selling a home."

Brad I. – Burlingame, CA


"We had worked with Mary Ann as our real estate agent when we purchased our home in Burlingame several years ago. We relied on her insights and knowledge of the real estate community to locate our home. We were able negotiate the best price possible by her tenacity and willingness to stand firm on our offer, never yielding.

When I received a job offer in Minnesota a few years later, we found ourselves in a tight timeline. Mary Ann was able to negotiate and schedule her real estate selling resources to get our home, fixed, primed, staged, and spiffed up for market in less than ten days. She was even able to locate a superb and affordable packer to help my husband organize and pack the boys toys. She negotiated timelines, and workers, oversaw photography and advertising, and our home was sold well over asking price within two weeks. As I was splitting my time between two states at the time, and easing into a new job, I know that we could not have done it without her, and I know that we would not have received our top dollar without her real estate negotiating skills. Hire her."

Ann B. – Burlingame, CA


"As a fellow marketing professional, I had long admired Mary Ann's marketing savvy. Each fall, we’d invariably find a pumpkin on the porch with a beautiful black satin ribbon and her business card. Mary Ann went the extra mile to impress us and as we all know, it's nice to be courted! She made all of us on our block truly feel special.

When we interviewed potential real estate agents before listing our home, again Mary Ann distinguished herself. No one else provided a beautifully bound portfolio detailing her marketing strategy and providing pages of comps with notes in the margins. These were homes MaryAnn had seen herself on tour day. If the sale price was high or low, she knew precisely why.

While it was her marketing savvy that attracted us to her initially, Mary Ann proved that she has many skills in her real estate repertoire. In any other profession, the skills she offered would be shared across multiple departments and yet she shined in all areas: copy writer, stylist, counselor, negotiator, advisor, and confidant.

We are so thankful that we chose MaryAnn to sell our home. Not only did she get the job done in record time in an extremely tough market, but because she was an absolute pleasure to work with and impressed us again and again with her professionalism. 

We have many good friends in the real estate business, but when it came to selling our home, we wanted this strictly to be a business relationship so that we could expect the highest level of professionalism without ever worrying we would be compromising the friendship. But ironically, we got to know MaryAnn so well during the process, if we hadn't been relocating out of the area, we would have liked to call her a friend!

We recommend her without reservation for your real estate needs."

Jason P. and Erin N. – San Mateo, CA


"Mary Ann is totally dedicated to getting your house marketed and sold. She kindly but candidly helps you prepare your property for sale. Unlike some other agents she will tell you what is really going on in the market and not just tell you what you want to hear. In addition to making sure that there was a virtual tour of my property available within a week of my signing the contract, she also had me listed in all the MLS services as well.

She also had open house advertisements in the local newspapers. She made sure there was on open house every weekend while it was on the market as well as having it listed on the broker's tour. She worked as hard on selling my house as if it were her own. Plus she listened to my suggestions and did everything I asked her to do. If you want someone who will be responsive, caring and energetic to sell your home, call Mary Ann Teixeira at 650-399-5505!"

Kathleen M. – San Mateo, CA


"We initially selected Mary Ann based on her familiarity and knowledge of our neighborhood. After our first meeting is was apparent that her professionalism, integrity and tenacity were equally as strong. During the process of selling our home there were several things that stood out:

  1. Mary Ann established a detailed and aggressive schedule (per our request) to get our home on the market and sold ASAP.
  2. Inspections, stagers, open houses, cleaning, photographers, paperwork, website, fliers, etc, were executed like clockwork. We didn't have to worry about a thing.
  3. When dealing with other agents and interested buyers Mary Ann is extremely kind and professional. It was empowering and comforting to have Mary Ann represent our home and us through the selling process.
  4. Mary Ann was great about giving us the facts, even if they were tough to hear at times. This helped us take the emotion out of decisions and ultimately make the right choices. Marry Ann was calm and collected throughout the entire process.
  5. Mary Ann is someone you want on your side come time for negotiations. She is to the point, unwavering, and probably very tough to read from a buying agent perspective. As someone who works in sales I was very impressed.
  6. McGuire is a solid agency and Mary Ann knows how to leverage their assets such as photographers, websites, listings, MLS, etc. Mary Ann was also able to recommend an agent she had worked with through McGuire on the buying side for us in Marin."

Todd and Jodi J. – San Mateo, CA


"When we decided to purchase a home in Novato, we interviewed three local realtors suggested by a relocation specialist.

We felt comfortable with Mary Ann Teixeira from the start. Her marketing background and the materials she showed us were very impressive and we knew she could definitely present our home in its best light. Thanks to her stager's advice and Mary Ann’s expertise, our house looked spectacular when it went on the market.

We couldn’t believe the interest in our home and the number of offers coming our way. So we were very disappointed when an inspection of the home we planned to purchase turned up a number of problems. As a result, we decided to stay in Millbrae a little while longer and very reluctantly canceled the sale of our home.

However, we wouldn’t hesitate to use MaryAnn again in the future. She is very efficient, kept us informed every step along the way, carefully prepared and explained the wads of paperwork we had to sign, made sure all necessary inspections were completed and available for potential buyers, and very quickly and graciously handled the cancellation after a very short but productive sale period.

We are pleased to recommend Mary Ann to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a home."

Sandra & Fred M. – Millbrae, CA


"Mary Ann,

I would be happy to say that from the first phone call with you, you have made what might otherwise be a highly stressful experience feel both relaxed and highly professional.

You work with warmth, enthusiasm, have an openness to my ideas as well as a finely tuned critical capacity for evaluating the specific complexities of our situation and working with it, while extending a contagious and reassuring self confidence without ever making me feel that my or your own expectations are unrealistic.

Simply put, I would say that you bring together seamlessly the two most important aspects of real estate - honest professionalism combined with energetic personal engagement. You make it feel a lot simpler and easier than I know this process to be."

Sarie J. – Toronto, Canada


"To the Potential Clients of Mary Ann Teixeira:

If you have any doubts hiring MaryAnn Teixeira, please be assured that she is the best real estate agent to sell your home.

From the very start of our venture with MaryAnn, she was very professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of selling homes. Not to mention, her organization skills were impeccable along with her foresight.

With MaryAnn’s tenaciousness, we were able to sell our Millbrae home in less than five days, had multiple offers and it went over the asking price.

We were very impressed with MaryAnn’s abilities and know-how to manage the sale of our house from start to finish. She was on top of everything by keeping us abreast of every situation with open communication via phone and email. And, she was physically there at our home for any reason, i.e., overseeing the appraisal, termite inspection, working with the stager, etc., etc.

If you still need convincing or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (650) 401-6925."

Brian and Eileen M. – San Mateo, CA


"Mary Ann is a miracle worker! Through her patience, knowledge, and insight, our home was in even better shape than when we first bought it! Mary Ann worked tirelessly promoting our home. Due to her hard work, we received an outpouring of responses even in this very challenging market. Within 10 days, we got 12 bids!!!!! By August 2008, we were in escrow.

Meeting Mary Ann was a life-transforming event for us. She truly keeps her clients’ best interest first and above all else. Her professionalism and undying commitment has earned our trust and we would recommend her highly."

Keith & Locelia P. – San Mateo, CA


"Thank you very much for referring me to the best professional realtor in San Mateo.

I didn't make a mistake of contacting you to help me find very good and professional agents Ms. Olivia Tam Edwards and Ms. Mary Ann Teixeira in helping us to sell the home on Palm Ave., San Mateo house as soon as possible.

Escrow just closed today and Palm house is officially SOLD. Their never ending hard work, patience, excellent strategies and good customer contacts through open house every weekend and follow up calls finally resulted in today’s closed of escrow.

Thanks a lot, it's been great doing business with you. Best regards and more good luck to your business."

V.H. – Citrus Heights, CA