Selling a House for the Highest Possible Price (Part 2)

Part 2: How to Make the Home Attractive to Buyers

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Once we were clear about the positive and negative attributes of the house, and who would likely purchase this house, we set out to attract buyers.

How we made the home more attractive

First we hired competent and thorough inspectors to fully report on any findings and made those reports part of the disclosures, as we wanted buyers to fully know about the house’s ‘issues’.

Next, we walked through the home to determine what needed repair, and what could be done to ‘update the house’ with minor investments. We hired a contractor to repair a wall where there had been damage from a roof leak. (The roof had been replaced, but the damage still remained). Our contractor also adjusted cabinet hinges, replaced the 1980-era gold-toned bathroom fixtures with something more contemporary, and replaced a few damaged boards on the deck. We hired a painting contractor to scrape and paint all the exterior trim to freshen up the curb appeal, and to change the color of a couple interior rooms.

Perhaps one of the most transforming updates was the reglazing of the kitchen counters.  The counters were typical for early 1980’s style; 4” x 4” beige tile with brown grout. The grout was worn and missing in some areas, and the color just screamed outdated. We hired a bathtub refinisher to reglaze everything white.

We brought in a stager for a consultation, and she specified colors changes in a couple of the rooms, and helped us to determine the best features of the home. She also helped us to evaluate how to stage each room to suggest its use. For instance, should the eat-in kitchen also suggest a work area by placing a desk near the window? And how should the living room furniture be arranged to encourage traffic flow?

Many sellers underestimate the power of the first impression. Not only must you provide the vision for the buyer, you need to convey that this house is ‘move in ready’.

In Part 3, we'll discuss how the home SOLD.

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