Selling a House for the Highest Possible Price (Part 3)

Part 3: How We SOLD This House!

How will a potential buyer write an offer for your home unless they know about it?

The key to a successful sale is exposure in the market place. Often sellers understand this to mean that the home is entered in the local Multiple Listing Service and a For Sale sign is installed in front of the house. While both of these methods are useful, they will not likely capture the highest price for you.

What will capture the highest price is to ensure that every buyer in your price range knows about your house, and that every Realtor with a qualified buyer knows about your house. An aggressive marketing campaign should include professional photography of your home, an intensive web presence, pre-market exclusive showings to neighbors and Realtors, a direct mail campaign, a social media campaign and advertised, scheduled open houses.

I like to think that launching a new listing is like throwing a party. Before that moment when the first guest arrives, there are hours of preparation. There is cleaning, determining who will be invited, setting the theme, creating invitations, (both virtual and printed), and planning ahead: what impression will the guests leave with once they have come?

Like any successful party, there should be a ‘buzz’ about a listed home. There should be many people interested in being there, and there needs to be a feeling of ‘wanting more’.

If the marketing plan has been successful, there should be more showings of your home. With more showings, isn’t it likely that you will receive more offers? And with more offers, doesn’t it make sense that you will have a better opportunity of negotiating the the best terms and price?

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