How Do You Make a Home Appealing?

I am continually looking at homes with an eye to determine what elements will make it feel appealing to my buyers. I then try to imagine that element in another home, as a renovation. Have you been asking yourself, "How do I make my home more appealing?" Keep reading!

Some elements are universally appealing to buyers. For example, I would almost guarantee that the rooms that attract you are light and bright. I have a client who added a window on a wall in the living room where there was not one before. This simple change not only brightened the wall, but created a new focal point, and turned a seldom-visited room into the most-used room in the home.

Often the removal of one wall between rooms, or bringing a wall down to partial height, will transform the way the house flows. And, of course, don’t underestimate the positioning of furniture in a room.

For more design and renovation ideas, two online sources that I love are HOUZZ and Pinterest. You can easily search for homes similar to yours by searching by the type of home. For example, I live in a 1926 Spanish Bungalow. I have been able to find a number of ideas for restoration and expansion that maintain the authenticity of my home.

Another great, practical source for renovations and theory for improving an existing home, is just about any book written by Sarah Susanka of ‘The Not So Big’ series of books. Sarah’s ideas for "creating a home for the way we live" are very creative.  I would strongly suggest becoming familiar with her theories as you house hunt.

Do remember that homes can change, but neighborhoods and communities? Not so much.  Keep your eye on what is important to you, and ask yourself: can it be created if it doesn’t exist in a home now?

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