What Is a Final Walk Through?

Final Walk Through is a clause and a right specified in the contract allowing the buyer to have ‘one last look’ at the home that they are purchasing before the transfer of title and responsibility is absolutely sealed.

Sometimes (and ideally), the final walk through is scheduled once the seller has moved out, and that works best for everyone. However, because of scheduling, sometimes that is not possible, and the buyer will conduct a walk through while the seller is partially in and partially out of the house.

As a seller, your home doesn’t need to be sparkling clean with all nail holes filled and painted, it doesn’t need to have all fresh towels hanging in the bathroom, and you don’t have to have all of the dishes out of the sink. The final walk through IS NOT an inspection to assure that you are going to get your security deposit back (like renting a home).

As a buyer, do not expect that the home is going to look its optimal best. Do expect that you will see the home in disarray (messy and not sparkly). This does not mean that the house will be finally delivered to you in that state.

The purpose of a walk through is to assure the buyer that everything they bought, and the condition of the property, is the same as when they last visited. This means that the light fixtures are still there, the stove is the same one they last saw, the window drapes and rods are still there, that the garden and grass haven’t been allowed to die for lack of attention, and that you haven’t knocked a big hole in the wall while moving furniture out.

If you think about it, the final walk through is the buyers' opportunity to see that everything is as agreed before they finally relinquish their money.

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