Mary Ann was a terrific agent for us.  As first time homebuyers, we needed a bit more  handholding, and she was patient, calm, reassuring and attentive.  Not only did she do a terrific job on all the things you expect -- reviewing inspection reports, giving us a sense of comps/offer price/negotiations, sharing her deep knowledge of the various Peninsula neighborhoods -- she went above and beyond in dealing with a seller's agent who was not familiar with the Bay Area market.  She took the reins in getting required reports, the sewer lateral clearance, and even an arborist when it looked like the seller was going to get delayed.  And even after close, she was super helpful in giving us contacts for plumbers, HVAC, gardeners, roofers, etc. so that we could fix things that needed fixing right away, as well as architect/designer rec's for renovation. I could not have wished for a better guide in the home buying process!

Nan A.,