10. Renovation Completed: the Mud Porch

The mud porch / service porch was the first room that I was willing to lose when we first purchased our home fifteen years ago.  At that time, we had the idea of expanding the kitchen into the mud porch to create an open kitchen / family room.

The Mud PorchI am glad that we decided to live in the house awhile before renovating because we learned how indispensable the mud porch is.  This is where we unload the car from grocery shopping, or suitcases as the end of a vacation. It is the place where running shoes and hats are kept. The counter is where I stage food when entertaining and have run out of refrigerator room.

We minimized the size of the space to make room for the expanded hallway. We added storage cabinets, a new exterior door, and covered the counter in Carrera.  We also added a nook for a future stackable washer and dryer.

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