12. Renovation Completed; the Back Yard

The back yard has a lushness that the front yard lacks.  However, it also requires water.

The landscaping, walkway, and distant patio were all completed about ten years ago.

Backyard Patio with New FountainWe added the fountain in the distance with this renovation.  We also installed a remote control to the fountain so that we can shut it off from the house when we are not in that area of the yard.

Don't let the green color fool you. If you look closely you can see how our lawn has suffered from the drought.  We are fortunate that all of the plants in this yard are established and are able to survive with a minimal amount of water. Most of our smaller plants are in containers making it much easier to saturate with grey water salvaged from the shower.Back Yard Facing the HouseBack Yard Facing Garage

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