2. Completion of the Renovation, the Living Room

The living room was the one room in the entire house that was not touched during the renovation. When we bought the house we fell in love with all of the paned windows, the fireplace, the high ceilings and the hardwood floors.The Freshly Painted Living Room

The room had been painted a blue-grey and we had a single sofa in the same color.  We repainted the room with a more subdued grey, stained the floors darker, and added two new sofas.

The built in display cupboards, the mantle and the old tile surrounding the fireplace are all original. Also note the picture railing about eight inches below the ceiling.  Fireplace Detail

We replicated these details in the renovated areas of the house to blend the new with the old. The original stain of the floors was a honey-tone.  We felt that the dark stain felt more updated, and more dramatic. We love the serene ambiance of this room.

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