4. Completion of the Renovation; the Kitchen

The major portion of our renovation was the kitchen.  The floor plan of the kitchen remained the same as it had been before our project, however we made better use of the space and updated the room.  The house was built in 1926 and retained its original cabinetry!  In the 1960's some updates had been made to the counters, the floor, and the sink. Kitchen Facing Dining RoomHowever, the refrigerator remained in the mud porch and we had no dishwasher or garbage disposal.

The updates included LED under counter lighting, recessed lighting on dimmers, a drawer microwave, a USB charging station, and the appliances.Coffee Maker Garage

When we purchased the house in 2000,  the floor was covered with rolled vinyl. We replaced that with hardwood several years ago.  During this renovation we replaced that hardwood with wood that matched the entire house.

Naturally, with the updated appliances, lighted counters, and new-found space, we are ecstatic. However, I have to say that my greatest joy is in having sparkly-clean dishes!  The kitchen is so much easier to clean, and I confess, sometimes I will set up my office for the day on the kitchen counter.

Our Thermador Has a HomeWe bought our Thermador range several years ago.  But the poor thing sat in the kitchen with no counter surrounding it!  Now he has cabinets, counters, and his own accompanying pull-out spice rack.

Jimmy and I love the warm feeling of hand-woven Turkish Kilims.  We have made this one the focal point of the kitchen floor. I love the aesthetic addition of something old and colorful to the crisp, white background of cabinets and counter. Kitchen Toward Dining Room

We had added the header over the kitchen windows as a compensation for a mistake. Please contact me for the mistake, the angst, and the creative solution.  (Renovating a home is not a straight and simple pathway).

Here is the photo of our expensive, yet cool, swing out corner shelf.  Worth the expense?  The jury is yet out.  I find that I am mainly utilizing the two frying pans, and the saute pans that reside at the front of the cabinet. They would probably have been easily accessible with a traditional cabinet.Expensive Pull Out Shelving


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