9. Renovation Completed; The Half Bath

Prior to our renovation we had a lonely sole toilet in a closet off of the mudroom. When we rearranged and removed walls we were able to create a half bath with access off of the hallway.

Half Bath It has become ‘my room’ for morning preparation and makeup.  It is a small room, thirty inches wide, and about 80 inches long however, we installed floating shelves over the toilet to hold basket of makeup, hairdryers, and a big analogue clock; everything I need to get out of the house in the morning.

The little niche you see was the end result of what I had intended to be a doorway to the bathroom on the other side.  I was insistent about having a pathway for guests to reach the shower in the next bathroom. Alas, the room is too small for a sliding barn door, so a niche is all that remains.

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