Best Mid-Peninsula Restaurants

I just reached out to my past client asking them what their favorite restaurants are in the City they live in. I got some great suggestions and learned of so many new places. Whether it be Ramen, Mexican or Pizza, check out what the locals say about restaurants on the Peninsula

Best Mid-Peninsula Restaurants

Want to know the places that my "local" clients absolutely love? Watch the video for more info!


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La Colina (Italian)

With 20 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chef is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.


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O Sole Mio

Established in 1954 on Chestnut and Fillmore Streets in the Marina District of San Francisco, O' Sole Mio Restaurant became a venerable landmark in the City by the Bay. For over 40 years, O' Sole Mio was "The" Romantic Restaurant in the Marina District of San Francisco. On the right side picture above, you can see the heart, soul, and original owner, Filiberto  Apice who started it all.

In 1996, current owners John Hizy and Mario Macias, who were long-time employees of the family who started this restaurant, moved to the present location in Millbrae. They painstakingly recreated the romantic ambiance that was the hallmark of O' Sole Mio in San Francisco.

Original features from the legendary San Francisco locale have been salvaged to decorate the Millbrae namesake. Dine-in grape-vined, trellis-covered rooms with clouded skies, complete with the sounds of your favorite 40's and 50's romantic melodies emanating from our original 1954 Seeburg Sound System, removed from the original O' Sole Mio and carefully reinstalled here.

O’ Sole Mio is a loving tribute to the past, complete with original fixtures, old-world food, and a taste for nostalgia worth traveling for.

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PPQ (Crabs)

At PPQ Dungeness Island, every dish is created using only the freshest and finest ingredients. We serve only the choicest meats and seafood, and vegetables fresh from the farm. Our fun and tasty menu makes PPQ Dungeness Island your home away from home.

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Ben Tre (Vietnamese)

Ben Tre is a family operation.  We're actively involved in every day's operation. We care what come out of our kitchen and we only serve what we like to eat. 

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New Asia Pearl (Dim Sum)

We are family-operated and incredibly excited about this opportunity to share our Cantonese cuisine with you! Everything is freshly made to bring you the delicate and subtle flavors from the Guangdong region and beyond. Thank you for your support!

You can stay up to date with any new offerings and special holiday menus on our Instagram @newasianpearlmillbrae.


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Alana’s Cafe (American Breakfast/Brunch)

We are located in one of the oldest buildings on Burlingame Avenue in the Heart of Burlingame. Serving breakfast and lunch daily, we are the perfect place to enjoy great comfort food in a cozy neighborhood atmosphere. Along with tables for dining, we have a counter for everyone to watch our open kitchen.

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Rasa (Indian)

RASA opened in November 2014, after two years of careful planning, research, and development. Our goal was to bring a new kind of dining experience to the Peninsula while allowing our culinary prowess to shine while celebrating India’s rich culinary traditions.

To craft our menu, we traveled up and down India’s coast, from Kerala to Hyderabad and beyond. The foods from these regions boasted an arsenal of flavors like none other – curries that were simultaneously spicy yet cooling, fresh seafood prepared in homemade chutney, crisp dosas with hearty, warm sambar. We combined the best flavors and preparations from these regions and beyond and created a dining destination that honors Indian cuisine and tradition.

Our commitment has always been to provide exceptional service and craft innovative dishes with sustainable ingredients. We work endlessly to find the freshest produce from local vendors; our seafood arrives daily, ensuring its exceptional taste.

RASA is the recipient of One Michelin star 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.

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Sappore (Italian)

Scattered throughout Italy, there are thousands of paese (small towns) all of them unique in their own ways and cultures. The one constant you will find in each, however, is the piazza- the central meeting place for the paesani as they embark on their evening caminatta (stroll). In the piazza they gather to discuss la politica (politics), il calcio (soccer), and of course le novita del paese (gossip). If you are looking for someone don’t fret, just relax in the piazza and you will soon see them walk by. Since opening in 2002, Sapore has become the piazza on Burlingame Avenue where you will find friends gathered in lively conversation, as likely in Italian as in English.

Elio and his partner Giampiero (John) Scarcella share a passion for traditional Italian food and culture as well as the common bond of Calabrian roots. Both Elio and Giampiero hail from neighboring villages in the far Southern province of Calabria where for generations traditional rustic dishes made from local ingredients have been prepared daily in each home by la mama. Today we call this farm to table, in the old country this is called caserecce.

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Mingalaba (Burmese/Chinese)

"Your Passage to the Best Southeast Asia Food Culture"

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Executive chef, Martín Castillo, and his brothers, Antonio and Eduardo, grew up around a busy kitchen. Their mother, Luz, was well known in her neighborhood for her delicious cooking. Her son's friends would always ask her to make their families a dish on special occasions.

By 2002, the Castillo’s first restaurant, “Limón” opened its doors on 17th Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. The goal was simple: introduce the dynamic flavors of Peruvian cuisine to the renowned San Francisco food scene, in which it was seemingly missing.  With word of mouth the restaurant quickly gained recognition from top restaurant critics and national publications. 

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Stella Alpina

The menu at Stella Alpina infuses the flavors of the Alps; including braised meats, risottos, pastas and ragus. Matteo's signature dishes such as Veal Osso Buco over Mascarpone Polenta and Nonna's Housemade Potato Gnocchi are sure to leave customers wanting more. The menu also includes Northern Italian classic pasta dishes as well as other traditions from the mountains. The restaurant offers a Full Bar and Italian & California Wines to complement the variety of meals.

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Park and Howard

Park & Howard Bistro is committed to bringing the best of Californian fare to your table.  We source only the finest ingredients for our dishes.  With our extensive selection of fine wines and cocktails, we are sure we will find the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

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Pizzeria Delfina

This energetic, farm-to-table restaurant serves up Neapolitan-inspired pizza complemented by a weekly-changing roster of seasonal antipasti, piatti (small entrees), beer, wine and more.  A family-owned business, Pizzeria Delfina is a neighborhood establishment through and through that continues to bring people together around fresh, handmade, delicious food in a warm casual atmosphere.

San Mateo

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Central Park

A stainless-steel bar & cherry-wood tables set the stage for contemporary American dining.

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Amour Amour

Enjoy rich cheeses from France, savory sausages and intense anchovies from Spain, flavorful prosciuttos and olive oils from Italy, and aromatic herbs and pungent fish sauce from Southeast Asia. Allow your senses to come alive as you pair our tapas with the world’s premium wines, beers, coffees, and teas. 

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Pausa (Italian)

PAUSA offers fresh and authentic Italian fare made from scratch with the bounty of Northern California from Chef Owner Andrea Giuliani paired with an all Italian wine list and craft cocktails and spritzes. Pausa is Italian for “pause” and Owners Steve Ugur and Giuliani intend for their restaurant to be just that. The restaurant is a place where guests can take a short recess from their daily pace of life and enjoy a dining experience that transports them to a place of leisure. Whether the gathering is a lunch with old friends, Spritz Hour in the lively bar, a date night in the ambient dining room or a behind-the-scenes dinner experience at the Chef’s table, they hope to revitalize guests’ senses. The friendly and knowledgeable team will ensure your every pause is a memorable one.

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Dash (Japanese)

We specialize in Nigiri and Sashimi made of fish ship freshly from Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. With our newly full kitchen, we are able to bring more traditional Japanese comfort home dishes & fusion tapas (small dishes) to our customers as well.

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Velo Pizza

Our sauce is slow cooked overnight and is low in acidity/sugar. Our artisan style thin crust are topped with homemade ingredients roasted in our brick oven: sausage, Australian lamb, chicken thigh, sautéed veggies, etc. We only use extra virgin olive oil.

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I Prive (Sushi)

Our Japanese Fusion food combines fresh ingredients, bold flavors, unique texture and delectable sauces.   Of course all the usual traditional Japanese sushi is available to you.

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Sushi Sam’s

Japanese Sushi Restaurant 🍣

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Santa Ramen

Ramen Santa is Japanese Ramen House since 1994 at San Mateo California.
5 kind of Flavor>SoySauce,Miso, Spicy Miso,Pork or garlic Pork Flavor!
Enjoy Santa's Ramen of Large Portion!!!
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Ramen Parlor

Lobster garlic pork ramen is so rich in flavor and offers three different spice levels. I really enjoy the ramen here because it has toppings like quail eggs and soft shell crab that aren't very common. Medium was the perfect spice level for me and the spice did not overpower the garlic + lobster flavors.

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Ramen Dojo

Unpretentious Japanese noodle house provides a simple menu of ramen bowls with all of the fixings.

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Charm Thai Eatery

Charm Thai Eatery in San Mateo, serves high quality authentic Thai cuisine made with fresh ingredients and spices for everyone to enjoy. Our casual and family friendly atmosphere was created out of our desire to share our love of authentic Thai food with you.

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Pacific Catch (Seafood)



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Wursthall (German Inspired/New American)

Since opening in downtown San Mateo in 2018, Wursthall has offered quality food and drink in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We make our sausages in-house and offer varieties ranging from a traditional Bier Bratwurst to the adventurous Chorizo Verde. We’ve also partnered with Impossible Foods to produce an entirely vegan sausage, as well as a vegan Impossible Burger.

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Dough Zone (Dumplings)

Dough Zone Dumpling House was established in Seattle in 2014. The motivation behind the creation of Dough Zone was a desire to bring traditional homemade Chinese comfort food into a modern setting. Dough Zone opened its first store in Bellevue, WA and since then, Dough Zone has expanded into a chain with seven stores throughout the greater Seattle area. And two of the branch stores in Northern California are now open in San Mateo & Cupertino. We specialize in authentic Chinese buns like Q-Bao (Pan Fried Buns), Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings), and a variety of distinct, regional Chinese noodles.

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Gao (Vietnamese)

Brought you by the Ben Tre Family. Putting personal & family touch to traditional Vietmamese cooking
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All Spice (Indian)

We are currently serving Tue -Sat dinners both inside and outside. We offer the majority of our menu for curbside pickup in tandem with in-house dining. We reserve the right to modify this schedule at any time.

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Urban Momo (Nepalese/Indian)

Our founders and Chefs perfected the recipes over several years of cooking at various restaurants across Nepal, in the Himalayas during expeditions and around the world. It is a taste that Nepalese would reminisce about when they think about authentic food back in Nepal; a taste that takes you back home! All the spices and proportions are from the secret recipe that originated by improvising the traditional recipe over several years.

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Suavecito (Mexican)

 After years of working at various restaurants throughout the bay area, the group officially came together years ago at William Jay Corporate Catering and Winner Winner Chicken in San Mateo. Spending hours together in the kitchen, the group quickly evolved into a working family where Emma and Bulmaro would create the great family meals that are loved by the whole staff. From a simple taco or even a bacon wrapped hotdog, the elevated Mexican flavors have always impressed.

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Golden Wok Bistro

Basic Chinese eatery serving a menu of Cantonese & American-Chinese standard fare.

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Fuji Sukiyaki

Snug establishment providing sushi rolls, ramen & other Japanese plates in a comfortable atmosphere.

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El Sinaloense


Our mission is to serve you the best most fresh food, with the best quality ingredients. 


Our vision is to hopefully expend across California.


Our values are based on family and home made freshly made food. 


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Divino (Italian)

Owner and chef Vincenzo Cucco’s kitchen is born from a love of all that is Italian in both traditional and creative cuisine. From the homemade to the seasonal variety, Cucco’s tempered cuisine is considered one of the best in the Bay Area. Divino promises to become a destination restaurant. Ask about our special events and private dining room

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Vivace (Italian)

A warm, wood-accented spot for Italian cuisine, with outdoor seating & a full bar with TVs.

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Farm House (Farm to Table)

Farm House is a family-owned restaurant that strives to use unique and refined ingredients, prioritizing quality over quantity.

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Waterdog Tavern (New American)

We combine old & new techniques for a fresh twist on classic dishes. Small plates, bountiful salads, hearty sandwiches, and delectable entrees, all with the best quality ingredients. 


I hadn't intended on making a life for myself in the restaurant business. While studying in England, I took a job at a local pub to make some extra money & somehow that turned into a thirty-year career.  I love owning a restaurant; because of the people, every shift is different.  It never gets old.

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Capo (Mediterranean)

We are excited to introduce an amazing Mediterranean Greek influenced culinary experience to our beloved Belmont community. Relaxed and inviting in a bright bistro setting, Capo Mediterranean Kitchen will use fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients to create casual & flavorful Mediterranean fare.
Capo Mediterranean Kitchen is brought to you by the owners of longstanding Belmont favorite Vivace.
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Cafe Bliss

Cafe Bliss's mission is to serve healthy and fresh meals to the community while providing inviting and friendly service. The menu offers a variety of dishes from breakfast, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, soups, pastas and daily specials. We also serve fresh pastries, fresh fruits and a full breakfast menu for those early birds. We also have a authentic Italian espresso machine, so don't forget to order your cafe lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. Cafe Bliss is located on on the Ralston side of the shopping mall between Bank of America and Verizon.

San Carlos

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Johnston’s Saltbox (American Farm to Table)

We’re a neighborhood restaurant, featuring a local rotating menu & wine list, highlighting the bay area's finest produce and artisan product.

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Pylos (Greek)

At Pylos, we have a focus on dishes on dishes with the flavors of Greece and the true Mediterranean.

We make everything homemade in the kitchen and only use top quality items imported directly from Greece and Turkey so our customers are getting high quality fresh and healthy food.

Our menu consists of Greek classics such as Whole Lavraki, Souvlakia, Pitas, Pastitsio, Moussaka and traditional dipping sauces such as Tzatziki, Kalamatiano, Tirokafteri, etc.

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Pazzo’s (Pizza)

Pazzo, from the owner of Gambardella's in Menlo Park, specializes in New Haven style wood-fired pizzas (aka "apizza") and hand-made pastas.

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Cusinett (French)

Back in 2008, Geoffroy Raby had the vision to bring a new style of French Restaurant. Forget about your typical stereotype about French Restaurant, Geoffroy wanted to bring back the neighborhood café that he grew up with. A place where you can enjoy great food (and wine) in a casual atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2011 and Cuisinett was born. Our team‘s goal is to make you discover France through its Regional Cuisine and bring you on a delicious journey of French Comfort Food.

2021, 10 years later Cuisinett is still around and survived Covid-19. The restaurant evolved from a Fast Casual Café to a beautiful Bistro & Market. The Market (Épicerie) brought a new experience for our guests and they are able to buy Wine, Cheese, Charcuterie, Sweets and other products from France. Visit us and be transported to a delightful experience to France. 

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Tamari (Georgian)

The name Tamari derives from three sources: my daughter; my grandmother, who passed her love of cooking down to me; and Queen Tamari of the 12th century, who led Georgia to peace and prosperity. These women continue to inspire me, and it was with them in mind that I opened this restaurant. We are family owned and operated, serving 100% authentic, Georgian food. We pride ourselves on serving only the freshest and highest quality food and wine.

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Seya (Japanese)

Traditional meets Modern

Perfect blend of traditional and modern Japanese culinary techniques. Mastering the art of sushi with each delicate bite.

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Town (New American)

Set in the historical Tivoli building, Town features Regional American Cuisine with locally sourced wood-fired rotisserie chicken, hand-cut steaks, and fresh seafood. Our sister company, Rancho Alena Cattle Co. raises Purebred Black Angus cross cattle exclusively for Avenir Restaurant Group. Our beverage program offers classic and proprietary handcrafted cocktails and a robust selection of West Coast wine and beer.

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Delizie (Italian)

"Delizie", meaning delicious, is an enthusiastic endeavor to preserve sacred family traditions and bring delight to peoples' plates far beyond Italy's borders. Hailing from Calabria, the infamous "toe" of the Italian peninsula where the mountains meet a breathtaking coastline, owner Francesco Ruggiero brings to life the richness of this southern region's culinary heritage, introducing and reacquainting others with an irresistible array of savory flavors and vibrant aromas. Renowned for its sausage (soppressata) and chili peppers (pepperoncini), Calabria is a region full of strong and intense emotions, a defining characteristic that has found its place within the cuisine, boasting a distinctive and recurring spice.

Redwood City

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Lv Mar

Our goal is to create a transcendent dining experience characterized by culinary discovery, sociability, and relaxation with a promise to continually offer our guests rich tapas and cocktails with innovative flavor profiles, personable service from a knowledgeable & engaging staff, set in an elegant space that engenders comfort and community.

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Quinto Sol (Mexican)

Quinto Sol represents the start, the center and balance of the universe. It signifies the 5th sun, new beginnings. It is symbolic of strength, movement and change. Our space exemplifies the search for unity, restoration, and purification of our personal environment to bring balance to the earth. It is our family’s honor to welcome you to experience
a part of who we are and our utmost desire to bring the community back to the table.
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Vesta (European Style Pizza)

We have always loved food and how it brings people together.  The sharing of a table and a meal is wonderfully complemented by an exchange of thoughts and ideas.  And this food that we share is so important.  Where it comes from, how it was grown or treated, and how it was procured all has a lasting impact on our health and the wellbeing of the Earth.  We care about the food that we eat and the food that we serve.  We source our ingredients from local farms and purveyors who support an organic and sustainable future for our Earth.

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La Viga (Spanish/Mexican)

Over five years ago, the idea of La Viga Seafood & Cocina Mexicana was conceived by answering a simple question: Could we create a dining experience that would be something both familiar and exciting for our community and fellow food explorers? The answer is infinitely more complex than the question, but we’re so glad we invested the time to do it because we discovered was a huge opportunity to innovate and create in ways not yet seen.

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Donato (Italian)

The modern Italian menu at DONATO ENOTECA reflects Executive Chef Donato Scotti’s culinary philosophy of using fresh, simple ingredients in inventive ways that enhance the essence of each flavor.

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Bangkok Bay (Thai)

Bangkok Bay has been open since 1993 and was originally conceived as a way of sharing a piece of Thailand with the diverse people of the Bay Area. We hope that you will give us a chance to share our savory Thai cuisine with you.

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Gourmet Haus Staudt (German)

Family owned since 1975, Gourmet Haus Staudt is a little piece of Germany located in downtown Redwood City. Originally established as a flower shop by Joe and Lucie Staudt, it has grown into a classic Bavarian Bierstube, market and bottle shop. Our approach has always been providing an authentic German experience through hearty food, beer and community. It has become a spot to relax and share stories in an atmosphere that encourages a conversation. At any given time you might find Gourmet Haus Staudt a bustling biergarten or a quiet Bavarian paradise. 

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Angelica’s (Brunch)

Angelicas is a family-owned restaurant creating vibrant California cuisine dishes with Latin flair, and has been proudly serving the Redwood City area and beyond since 2006. Since then, our mission has been to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one magical dining experience. Scroll down to learn more about us.