6 Unique Hot Chocolate Spots Near the San Francisco Peninsula

6 Unique Hot Chocolate Spots Near the San Francisco Peninsula

  • 11/11/19

When the fog rolls in, it’s always nice to sip on a warm mug of cocoa, and these six cafes are serving it up like you’ve never seen before

1. Dandelion Chocolate

These bean-to-bar craft chocolate confections take hot cocoa to an entirely new level. On the corner of 16th Street and Alabama, the Dandelion Chocolate factory does more than make chocolates—it makes memories. Guests can tour the factory, order a treat from the cafe, or indulge in a decadent hot chocolate from the Bloom Chocolate Salon. On a brisk morning commute, their hot chocolates are the perfect pick-me-up to start your day right. With four varieties to pick from—House Hot Chocolate, Mission Hot Chocolate, European Drinking Chocolate, and Hojicha Drinking Chocolate (with Japanese tea!)—there is something sweet for everyone.

2. Boulette’s Larder

Tucked inside San Francisco’s Ferry Building, this European-inspired cafe builds their menus off of seasonally available produce, so guests know they’re always being served the freshest ingredients possible. Head chef Amaryll Schwertner creates a piping hot cup of chocolate bliss that will not disappoint. Reservations may be necessary to secure a seat, but their decadent menu will be worth the wait.

3. Ketsourine Macarons

If the doctor orders a dose of sweetness, stop by Ketsourine Macarons for an unforgettable treat. Using Belgium chocolate, each of their confections is handmade to ensure the highest quality. Each design balances elegance with fun, and you owe it to yourself to browse their extensive macaron selection while you’re sipping on a mug of their hot chocolate truffle drinks or a mint hot chocolate.

4. Home

For an undeniably Instagrammable drink, stop by Home. Known for their elaborately decorated drinks and sweets (like a birthday cake latte covered in bright sprinkles and a sparkling Americano colloquially known as the “Hangover”), Home also serves up a unique hot chocolate.

5. Recchiuti Confections

If anyone knows chocolate, it is Recchiuti Confections. In 1997, Michael Recchiuti founded Recchiuti Confections to share his love of chocolate with the world. Dark chocolate lovers will swoon over Recchiuti Confections’ decadent hot chocolate, which starts with their dark hot chocolate pistoles. Topped with one of their French-style vanilla bean marshmallows, this incredible hot cocoa will have you savoring the colder weather.

6. Socola

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Socola Chocolatier + Barista makes all of your chocolaty dreams come true. With coffee, chocolates, and confections, this Folsom Street storefront has the whole block smelling incredible. Order a hot chocolate from the counter and cozy up in one of the window seats for a peaceful afternoon, or join one of their chocolate classes for a hands-on approach. They’re closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so be sure to squeeze a trip to Socola Chocolatier into your workday schedule.

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